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Chinese Market Exchange Rate-September 23

Beijing, September 23 (Xinhua)-The following is the central parity rate of RMB (RMB) for 24 major currencies announced Thursday by China’s Forex Trading System.

Currency unit central parity rate in RMB

USD 100647.49

Euro 100756.93

Japanese Yen 1005.8966

Hong Kong dollar 10083.157

British pound sterling 100881.94

Australian dollar 100468.46

New Zealand dollar 100452.83

Singapore dollar 100478.20

Swiss franc 10069.01

Canadian dollar 100506.68

Malaysian Ringgit 64.748100

Ruble 1,127.60100

Land 228.58100

Korean won 18,279100

United Arab Emirates Dirham 56.728100

Saudi riyal 57.935100

Hungarian Forint 4,691.69100

Polish zloty 61.033100

Danish krone 98.24100

Swedish krona 134.28100

Norwegian krone 133.81100

Turkish lira 133.657100

Mexican peso 310.25100

Thai Baht 516.68100

The central parity rate of RMB against the US dollar is based on the weighted average of the prices offered by market makers before the interbank market opens on each business day.

The original central parity rate for Hong Kong dollars is based on the original central parity rate for US dollars and the Hong Kong dollar exchange rate for US dollars at 9am in the same international foreign exchange market. Business day.

The RMB central parity rate for the other 22 currencies is based on the average price offered by the market maker prior to the start of the interbank foreign exchange market.

Chinese Market Exchange Rate-September 23

SourceChinese Market Exchange Rate-September 23

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