Childcare Re-available to Alert Level 4 Business and Service Workers |


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Education Minister Chris Hypkins said today that the government will resume childcare for workers in Alert Level 4 businesses and services that were available during last year’s national blockade. Workers with children up to the age of 13 have access to free care so they can continue to provide the basic services they need during the current blockade. “Providing free and flexible services to our essential workers is really important and is one way to reduce the stress of them doing their important work on behalf of all of us.” Chris Hypkins said. “We still don’t know how long it will take to reach level 4. We know more tomorrow, but important workers need to be able to plan, and starting tomorrow will give us a valuable sense of security. This scheme is intended for alert level 4 business and service workers and other tax exempt services such as firefighting, emergencies, and border workers. Also, only Level 4 workers who are not raising children are eligible. Parents are expected to use their own personal arrangements when possible. A list of 32 providers covering the whole country will be available to parents starting today. “These providers may offer childcare options under the scheme, either in the children’s home or in the caregiver’s home. We will give as many workers as possible in need of it. We aim to provide flexibility. “Like the previous blockade, these are all licensed services that typically provide early childhood education at home. Therefore, all safety checks have been performed. And, as before, each caregiver is limited to caring for a total of one family of children. ” contact: Richard Trouw 021 278 7233 Note: This funding can be used to provide childcare if the worker’s household has no other adults who can care for the child and if the caregiver does not live at the same address as the regular worker. .. To access the provider: Childcare for Workers in Alert Level 4 Business or Service Schemes – Education in New Zealand

Richard Trow

Press Secretary Chris Hypkins

021 2787233

Childcare Re-available to Alert Level 4 Business and Service Workers |

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