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Checkpoint Location Updates | New Zealand Police

Police open Waikato checkpoint this morning Country custom requirements For those who live or have been to the Upper Howraki area.

Police have set up static checkpoints at:

1. East Coast Road / Miranda Road
2. SH2 / Monument Road – Malamarua
3. SH2 / Rawiri Road-Mala Marua Golf Club

Communities may also see mobile safety patrols in some rural areas as police help keep them safe.

The existing checkpoint north of Fakatiwai has been removed, but all other checkpoints on the southern border of Auckland remain intact.

These additional checkpoints require 20-30 additional police personnel and are funded from within Manukau County and Waikato Police District.

The checkpoint stops the vehicle, asks the driver, and confirms that there are no non-essential movements in the area.

Oakland will move to Alert Level 3 from 11:59 pm tonight, and the rest of the country (except the Upper Kou Uraki area) will remain at Level 2. Those trying to travel beyond the boundaries of the area that separates alert levels 3/4 and alerts Level 2 areas should be expected to stop and be asked for significant travel evidence.

The exemption process runs the same way as before. For more information, please visit the COVID-19 website.

We anticipate potential delays at these boundary checkpoints during peak hours and are patiently asking the community to prepare for this.


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Checkpoint Location Updates | New Zealand Police

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