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Eighteen-inch alloys shod with 265/60 rubber instead of 20s with 265/50s, cloth instead of leather, no electric adjustment on the front seats, no tire pressure monitoring and a new badge.

That all adds up to a $5,000 price cut.

That seems to sum up the difference between a new base model of the rugged Izuzu MU-X, called the LS-U, introduced as an option for the LS-T edition that has been on sale for the past year.

The new edition retails for $75,990, which is $5,000 less than the LS-T, which remains in circulation.

Why bring in?

Isuzu Utes New Zealand spokesperson Kimberley Waters responds to that question by offering: “The MU-X is a family favorite among the rural community and those who have something decent to drag.

“By introducing a lower specification option, we hope to provide Kiwis with a good balance of features and value in a model known for its reputation, reliability and safety.”

The LS-U is not a new model to its maker, as it has been on sale in Australia alongside the LS-T since the beginning of production of the MU-X. However, Isuzu Utes NZ originally decided to bypass it.

Aside from the trim, the front seats in the LS-T indulge with eight-way power-adjustable driver’s side and four-way front passenger. The LS-U drops all that and, interestingly enough, the curb weight drops to 2155kg, a 20kg reduction over the flagship.

Cheaper MU-X introduced — Motoringnz

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