Charities work together to tackle youth e-cigarettes-School News

A new partnership between Life Education Trust NZ (LET) and Asthma Respiratory Foundation NZ (ARFNZ) was formed to combat the epidemic of teenage e-cigarettes.

The recent Survey of Youth Vaporing in NZ, conducted by ARFNZ and the New Zealand Secondary Principals Association (SPANZ), is one of the largest vaporizing youth surveys ever conducted in New Zealand. Showed a “major problem” with the vaporization of young people in New Zealand. Survey results from 19,000 highlighted survey participants reported that 27% of middle school teens smoked e-cigarettes in the past week and reported that they smoked e-cigarettes more than once a day. 86% said they were crazy about e-cigarettes.

One of the recommendations in this report was to focus on Aotearoa’s education campaign for young people and focus on the possible health hazards of vaping. This is why ARFNZ and LET (NZ) are working together.

ARFNZ is a leader in vaping education and research and operates the vaping education website Don’t Get Sucked In (DGSI). New Zealand’s most widely used vaping youth education website, with over 45,000 page views in the last 5 months.

The Life Education Trust has been providing health and welfare education in schools since 1988. New Zealand’s largest health education provider, it offers the Healthy Harold program to 86% of elementary and junior high schools, as well as alcohol education and secondary school financial literacy programs. Professional development for teachers.

Next year, the Life Education Trust will create a new initiative to deal with youth tobacco. To do this, they utilize ARFNZ’s resources and consult with ARFNZ’s Vaping Educational Advisory Group, a respiratory health specialist.

“At the Life Education Trust, our vision is to encourage Tamariki and Langatahi to make positive choices. One of the most positive choices they can make for their health is not to inhale vapors.” John O’Connell, Chief Executive Officer of the Life Education Trust, says.

“We are hearing more and more from schools that are anxious for educational support for students and strategies for teachers when it comes to managing the growing vaporization problem.”

“ARFNZ and Life Education Trust are very suitable,” said Letitia Harding, CEO of ARFNZ. “The long history of helping children and adolescents make healthy choices and their leadership in e-cigarette education and research allow us to do great things together. We look forward to sharing our resources and expertise to work towards our goal of reducing the generation of e-cigarettes and all the harm associated with them. “

The Life Education Trust promotes the DGSI website to students. This means that more young people can benefit from learning the truth about vaping. “DGSI is full of useful and reliable information and resources and is regularly reviewed by the Vaping Educational Advisory Group,” says Letitia.

“This is a great resource for young people who have questions about vaping, and we are pleased to help the Life Education Trust expand its reach.”

Charities work together to tackle youth e-cigarettes-School News

Source link Charities work together to tackle youth e-cigarettes-School News

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