Channing Tatum and her daughter Everly’s lemonade stand are too cute

Too cute! (Photo: Splash / Back grid)

Channing Tatum He helped his daughter Everly at the Thanksgiving lemonade stand, so it was the goal of all sorts of dads.

Actor, 41, and His 8 years old With a shop on the sidewalk in LA, he proudly played a role in marketing and captivated customers with the sign that says “Evie’s lemies.”

NS Magic Mike Star I stood in front of a makeshift juice shop decorated with balloons and waved at a passerby, and the signboard swirled around.

The step-up actor kept it casual with a sweater and baggy jeans, both he and Everly wearing face masks.

Everly also appeared to have the ball as she skipped up and down the sidewalk wearing purple feather scarves, pink tutu, and tie-dye leggings.

When Zooey Deschanel stopped by with his boyfriend Jonathan Scott, their stalls managed to protect a well-known customer.

Dad Channing takes his role as a marketing manager very seriously (Photo: Splash / Backgrid).

The New Girl actor took a morning walk with the children, daughter Elsie Otter (who was able to pick up balloons from the stand) and son Charlie Wolf.

Zui enjoyed Everly’s lemonade, chatted with little kids, and looked nice in a pale pink jumpsuit.

She shares her two children with her ex-husband Jacob Pechenik and has been in a relationship with Jonathan since 2019.

Zooey Deschanel stopped by with his children for a lemonade (Photo: Splash / Backgrid)

Everly is the only child of Channing and he shares with him Former wife Jenna Dewan..

The pair met as a co-star in 2006 and had been married for almost nine years before announcing the split in 2018.

He is currently in a relationship with Zoe Kravitz, 32, and the pair is Probably done in hiding..

They were found packing on a PDA, despite being a very private couple who didn’t deal with speculation about their romance. Beloved walk Around New York City.

according to Man, Zoe and Channing’More relaxed lately‘And it ends with keeping the relationship secret.

Couples have been found on many outings together since rumors surfaced I participated in Met Gala together..

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Channing Tatum and her daughter Everly's lemonade stand are too cute

Source link Channing Tatum and her daughter Everly's lemonade stand are too cute

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