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The success of Student Job Search (SJS), which has been extended to allow third-year New Zealand graduates to find employment, was celebrated in Congress this month, days before the service received a major job industry award.

Since the launch of SJS’s extended graduate services in March 2021, SJS has raised 3,742 full-time full-time employment for students, an increase of 200% year-on-year, and the role of 98 graduates through 11 graduate programs. Achieved 14.8% service.

For recruitment agencies of many large companies, Student Job Search (SJS) offers excellence in social objectives from the Recruiting, Consulting and Dispatched Labor Association (RCSA) of Australia & NZ, Australia’s peak employment industry Is recognized.

SJS’s contribution to New Zealand’s employment situation received the Nonprofit Social Purpose Excellence Award announced at the RCSA Industry Awards feature held in Auckland a few days after a parliamentary event hosted by the Minister of Social Development and Employment. Did. .. Carmel Seproni has marked these extended graduate services.

Beehive’s celebration will feature representatives from the government, education and employment sectors, including TupuToa CEO Anne Fitisemanu, MSD Deputy CEO Marama Edwards, and New Zealand Students’ Union President Andrew Lessells. I participated.

SJS provides pastoral care and ongoing support to graduates looking for their feet in the door. Since 2015, students have earned at least $ 517,969,739 from jobs offered through Student Job Search. This is the Ministry of Social Development’s return on investment of 2,487%. Extended graduate services provide SJS with a platform to increase these revenues beyond higher education.

To carry out extended graduate services, SJS New team We are dedicated to procuring quality graduate roles across the country and across sectors to easily connect employers looking for talented graduates in the workplace.

“This is an important moment in SJS’s 40-year history and we are very pleased to celebrate with Minister Seproni and his members, partners, employers and a wider network,” said SJS Supreme. Sae-Johnson Boyd, Chief Executive Officer, said.

“Graduates are ambitious, educated and passionate. Soon they will make our laws, public policy, lead government agencies and run our business.

“We are aware of this at SJS, so we are proud to be able to invest in this community with the support of Minister Seproni and his team.”

“For 40 years we have supported students to be financially independent through their studies. We can feel the courage to enroll students in higher education and into a full-time workforce after graduation. So excited to increase the focus on the role of the graduate school.

“MSD has empowered businesses, communities, and wider societies to thrive in an era when COVID has had a major impact on many New Zealand businesses and the wider economy.”

Book. Student job hunting is a common name and has helped tens of thousands of students find jobs, says Seproni. “Today, SJS is highly welcomed and provides the necessary support and pastoral care to help thousands of higher education graduates transition to full-time employment through its extended services. We continue to provide it. “

Graduates can submit a simple application here – No resume required.

Celebrate Successful Student Job Search | SchoolNews

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