CDC set to ease COVID guidelines, including for schools

THURSDAY, Aug. 4, 2022 (HealthDay News) — Americans could relax COVID-19 Social distancing recommendations this week.

Updated guidelines are expected from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Prevention It would change current recommendations for schools and some other communities, sources familiar with the plans said. CNN.

“CDC is always evaluating our guidance as the science changes and will update the public as it happens,” the agency said. CNN.

Changes include de-emphasizing 6 legs Social distancing, which the CDC recommended early in the pandemic, both for schools and in the community. Instead, it will work to educate people about which environments are riskier based on crowding, poor ventilation and personal risks such as health problems and age. CNN reports.

For schools, the CDC no longer recommends that students exposed to the virus be routinely tested to remain in class, an effort that has been in place since last December that has been costly for schools. Testing would be based on virus levels in the community as well as high-risk parameters, including Nursing houses and castles.

A renewed emphasis will be placed on building ventilation to stop the spread of many respiratory diseases, including in schools, which will be required to make greater efforts to clean and freshen indoor air. CNN reports.

While the CDC is still expected to ask people who are sick with COVID to self-isolate, the plan will ease recommendations for those who are not vaccinated or not up-to-date on shots who have been in contact with someone who is sick. Instead of being required to stay at home for at least five days, these individuals are asked to wear a mask and be tested at least five days after being exposed to the virus.

Reasons for the changes include high levels of basic immunity, with 95% of Americans having had the virus or been vaccinated against it, as well as a shift in public opinion about precautions.

CDC recommendations are not mandates. Local governments, states, and school districts can set their own guidelines in these circumstances.

About 46% of the US population currently lives in areas with high levels of the virus in the community, according to the CDC.

CDC has previewed these expected changes for public health officials and educators. They are expected to be released this week. CNN reports.

More information has more COVID-19 and related issues.

Source: CNN

By Kara Murez, a HealthDay reporter

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CDC set to ease COVID guidelines, including for schools

Source link CDC set to ease COVID guidelines, including for schools

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