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Catholic social services close Afghanistan proceedings!

The overwhelming amount of donations of clothing and furniture to Afghan refugees has forced the Catholic Social Services (CSS) to end its appeal.

CSS recently issued a statement thanking those who have contributed. The message, simply put, is that your organization doesn’t have the ability to store additional items.

The statement states: “Thank you for your prompt and generous response. When we asked for help, we didn’t know how our community would react. Thanks to the support and kindness of many people. I was touched and humbled. I should have known! “

Social agencies only filed proceedings for housing, furniture and household packs on September 2.

CSS ensures that goods donated to refugees arriving in Wellington are distributed.

“When the family arrives in Wellington and begins to settle, we tell you about how your gifts were applied and the differences they made to the lives of the Afghan people living new here in New Zealand. Will try to update to. “

The final number of Afghan refugees coming to Wellington has not yet been confirmed, but John Plendergast, general manager of the Archdiocese of Wellington, said, “Every action, big or small, escapes despair. , Brings great benefits to individuals and families seeking safety in New Zealand. ” ..

Prendergast told Cath News that the support of the Archdiocese can be seen as a humanitarian response.

The current complaint has ended, but CSS is seeking help in finding suitable housing for refugees. “If you need help, please contact community facilitator Paul Alsford. message was read.

CSS also welcomes monetary donations, CSS website.

The sign of Francis’ lesson is to speak and act in favor of disadvantaged people.

And again, on the final day of his recent Slovak Francis, he told 60,000 people that faith involved equating with suffering.

He encouraged Slovak Catholics to open their hearts to “identifying those who are hurt, suffering, and carrying heavy crosses” and “compassionate faith.”

It is “a faith that does not remain abstract, but is embodied in fellowship with those in need. A faith that imitates God’s way of doing things quietly relieves the suffering of our world and the soil of history. Brings salvation to the world, “he said.

The appeal of CSS is also supported by the Red Cross, Arise Church, St. Vincent de Paul, and the Changemakers Resettlement Forum.


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Catholic social services close Afghanistan proceedings!

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