Carrington wins the K1 in the 500 meters

Great Olympian Dame Lisa Carrington closed her place on the K1 500m at the Canoe Racing World Championships after beating world champion Aimee Fisher in the third and final race.

Carrington started strong and held on to the victory after losing the opening match on Saturday before returning to win the second match on Sunday.

“Pipped again seems to be the subject of the story. But it was spectacular,” Fisher said after the match.

“We were out at the starting line and we had some time out there, basically just do your thing. That makes us both faster. Everything is fine. I’ll be back.”

Fisher said they both had the best of each other in the three series.

“It’s such a privilege to take part in such an intense competition. I can not even describe how I felt before the race and all the nerves and vigilant nights. He has brought out the best in me. I think we bring out the best in him. “Another out there and it’s a pretty epic battle. This series will be one of the best fights of the decade. We’ll see what happens in the next two years.”

Unlike the World Championships, the Olympics allow each country to have two participants in the 500m K1, so New Zealand would be in a good position with the talent in the country.

Fisher, who withdrew from the Tokyo Games event following a scuffle with Canoe Racing NZ over the well-being of athletes, has not yet confirmed her plans to move forward, but told Newstalk ZB’s Richard Wain at the weekend that a place in the Olympics was its radar.

“There has been a lot of talk between her and the sport about what she might look like in the future, but they’re both really trying to fit in for K1 and perform as high as they can in K1,” said Carrington. said coach Gordon Walker about Fisher.

Carrington wins the K1 in the 500 meters

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