Carrie Underwood “I accidentally killed a bird after stepping on it”

A former American Idol companion claims that poor Carrie had a horrific accident with a bird (Photo: Getty Images).

Perhaps the strangest accident to date, former American Idol star Constantine Maruris claims that Carrie Underwood killed the bird after stepping on it.

vegetarian Carrie is known for her love for animals, and according to Constantine, she remembered attending an American Idol live, so sharing the story would “kill” him! 2005 tour with the winner.

Appeared in Behind the velvet rope in David Youngtev’s podcast, Rock of Ages theater star Constantine admitted that Country Star Carrie was “hysterical” after the accident and “not the same” the next day. If the story is accurate, it’s pretty understandable.

He recalled: “I’ve always had a great time in Minneapolis, a city of twins in general. St. Paul is cool. In fact, there was something interesting that happened there, well … it scares me. She’s that She would be very angry if I say this because she is an animal lover like and it broke her heart.

“We were playing St. Paul on the American Idol Tour, and we’re staying at this luxurious hotel, I forget the name of it, but you’re a crazy five-star I know. Carrie Underwood and I are walking in front. It’s one of the red carpets with flashy doormen, like a brass luggage rack.

“It’s a gorgeous summer day, and we walk to go to the bag for soundcheck or something, and did the little bird come like a kind of pike? Walking and chatting with Carrie And the moment the little bird came and landed, she stepped on it. It was, “Oh, what the hell. What the hell.”

Constantine, left, met Carrie as an American Idol in 2005 (Photo: Ray Mickshaw / WireImage)

“When the bird landed, she just stepped on it, so that was the strangest thing that could ever happen to someone. She’s hysterical and vegetarian. And I said,” Oh, what. But I can’t believe it just happened … “

Constantine argued that the hotel doorman had to intervene to protect Carrie and other guests from the dead bird scene outside the entrance.

He added: “I remember the doorman was like” Hmm “. After that, the bird was so tired that he just put the luggage rack directly above the bird.

“She will kill me for telling that story!”

The performer claimed that Carrie wasn’t his fan of sharing the claim, adding: [she’s going to say] I hate him. “

Metro.co.uk asked a Carrie representative for comment.

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Carrie Underwood "I accidentally killed a bird after stepping on it"

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