Cardi B states she was “very suicidal” on suspicion of online harassment

Cardi B is open about fighting her mental health When Suicidal ideation.. On Thursday, the Grammy-winning artist testified in court that YouTuber Latasha Kebe, who is by Tasha K, made false allegations about Cardi to his followers on social media and video-sharing platforms. She has 1 million followers. In a proceeding filed in 2019, Cardi’s legal team quoted YouTube videos and social media posts. In the proceedings, Kebe allegedly made false allegations as part of a “malicious campaign” that undermined Cardi’s reputation. Billboard..

The claim has become very personal. According to the proceedings, Kebe alleges that Cardy exchanged money for sex, used drugs, tricked her husband, became infected with herpes and HPV, and was born with special needs in her first pregnancy. It contained a claim that it could be born. Rolling stone.. The alleged defamation proceedings subsequently became more personal, and LA Hospital was recently ordered to submit medical records showing the results of the STI test conducted at Cardi B. Billboard, (This eventually proved “useless” in the case of Kebe).

At this week’s stand, Cardy realized the sacrifices the entire trial had made to her. “I felt very suicide,” said the two mothers. Billboard report. She said she was “helpless” and experienced anxiety, depression, weight loss, and migraines. “I felt defeated and depressed and didn’t want to sleep with my husband,” she said. TMZ..

She said the claim that the artist had herpes (she clearly denied at the stand) was particularly detrimental to her mental health. In his testimony, Cardy shared an example of posting a photo on social media showing her daughter Kurcher kissing her with her lips. Billboard report. In the comments, people reportedly asked if it was appropriate in the light of herpes rumors.During that period, the artist said she felt “I don’t deserve my child” TMZ..

There are many unfair stigmas around conditions like herpes and HPV, and various types of sex work, but Cardy was so upset about someone talking about her health and family. It’s hard to blame.

In February 2019, Cardi shared a fight with social media after his daughter Kulture was born in an interview with. Harper’s Bazaar.. “Sometimes I see something online and it will offend me, then my baby starts crying or something, and it’s like: I have to deal with milk No, forget this, “she said. [social media].. I don’t really need it, and sometimes it only causes confusion in my brain. ”

In her testimony this week, Card shared that the allegations made by Kebe eventually prompted her to meet the therapist. The trial is in progress.

If you’re thinking of hurting yourself, or if you need to talk to someone right now, National suicide prevention lifeline Send a text message to 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or to HOME 741-741, Crisis text line..When here A list of international suicide helplines if you are outside the United States.


Cardi B states she was “very suicidal” on suspicion of online harassment

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