Capitol police officers injured in the attack died of natural causes, examiners say | Capitol Violations

Brian Sicknick, a parliamentary police officer injured in the face of a riot on January 6 RiotA medical inspector’s office in Washington, DC, who suffered a stroke and died of natural causes, ruled on Monday and found that everyone would be less likely to be prosecuted for his death.

According to two people familiar with the case, investigators initially believed that police officers had been hit in the head with a fire extinguisher, based on statements collected early in the investigation. And they later suspected that 42-year-old Sicknick had ingested a chemical (probably a bear spray) that could have contributed to his death.

However, determining the cause of natural causes means that a medical inspector found that only the condition caused his death – it was not caused by an injury. This decision could significantly impede the ability of federal prosecutors to commit murder to Sicknick’s death.

Police in the U.S. Capitol said authorities accepted the inspector general’s findings, but the ruling did not change the fact that Sicknick died in a duty that “bravely defended Congress and the Capitol.” ..

“The attack on our police officers, including Brian, was an attack on our democracy,” police officials said in a statement. “The US Capitol Police will never forget the courage of Sicknick officers and the courage of January 6th officers who endangered their lives to protect our democracy.”

Federal prosecutors have charged two men for using bear spray on Sicknick during the riots. The arrests of George Tanios, 39, in Morgantown, West Virginia, and Julian Carter, 32, in Pennsylvania, have identified and charged persons associated with the deaths of five people during and after the riots. He was the closest federal prosecutor to do.

Two male lawyers did not make immediate comments on Monday.

Sicknick died after defending the Capitol Against the mob It raided the building as Congress was voting to prove Joe Biden’s election victory over Donald Trump. It came after Trump urged his supporters to “fight like hell” to overturn his defeat.

Sicknick was guarding with other police officers behind a metal bicycle rack when the mob came down to the Capitol.

According to court documents, Khater said, “Give me a bear,” before reaching for Tanios’ backpack. Tanios told Cutter “yet” because it was “still early”, but Cutter replied, “they just sprayed me.” Later, the prosecutor said Khater was seen holding a can of chemical spray.

When the riots began pulling one of the racks, Khater was seen holding a canister in his hand, with his arms in the air, while standing just five to eight feet from the police, officials said. Stated.

In February, Sicknick became the fifth person in history in honor of the Capitol Rotunda, the title of those who have not been elected civil servants, judges, or military leaders. He was housed in Arlington National Cemetery.

Capitol police officers injured in the attack died of natural causes, examiners say | Capitol Violations

Source link Capitol police officers injured in the attack died of natural causes, examiners say | Capitol Violations

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