Can menopause mean poor memory in the elderly?

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018 (HealthDay News)-Elderly Women at Admission menopause British researchers report that there may be minor benefits when it comes to maintaining important memory over time.

The study has been conducted for decades and has followed the results of more than 1,300 women.According to the survey, women came in menopause Ten years later than she was able to remember one extra word on a 15-word test each year as her companion grew older.

No such link was seen menopause Timing and thought processing speed.However, the discovery of verbal recollections lasted, whether or not the woman took it. Hormone replacement therapy rear menopause..

That said, the authors emphasized that the jury has yet to say whether the improved word recall would lead to a similar depression. dementia Danger.

“For women whose period ends spontaneously, not for surgical or medical intervention, they usually experience menopause Between the ages of 45 and 55. ” Research author Diana Kuh is a professor of life course epidemiology at the University College London’s MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Aging.

Among the tracked participants Natural menopause It started at an average of 51 years old.

“After being shown a list of 15 words, we measured our thinking skills by the number of words a woman remembered and repeated this test three times,” Kuh said. The total maximum score is 45. “Women took this test four times between the ages of 43 and 69,” she said.

In the end, Kuu said, “My research team later menopause Better linguistic memory throughout an adult’s life, even after considering many other factors that affect adult memory. “

Research participants were followed at birth in 1946 and were tested for memory and thought processing when they reached the ages of 43, 53, 60-64, and 69.

On average, word recall declined overall with age, regardless of the timing of menopause. For example, a woman was able to remember an average of 25.8 words on a 43-year-old language memory test, but by the age of 69 that number had dropped to 23.3 words.

Kuh and her colleagues reported their findings online in a journal on April 11th. Neurology..

Nevertheless, Kuh warned that “observational studies cannot show cause and effect,” so the findings can only be characterized as “associative.”

With that in mind, she and her team have already begun searching for evidence that suggests that the onset of menopause may be linked to. dementia Danger.

“Some of the women in our sample have undergone detailed brain scans and cognitive tests to look for early markers. dementia“Ku said.

“Continuous follow-up allows researchers to see if the slight benefits of thinking skills associated with later menopause lead to lower risk. dementia “But previous studies have not shown a link between later menopause and reduced risk. dementia.. “

Keith Fargo, Director of Science Programs and Outreach Alzheimer’s disease The association said the proposed findings were “not so surprising.”

As for why, he said, studies suggest that the decline in cognitive function associated with menopause is somehow related to “the length of time it takes to maintain hormonal status during the reproductive period.”

However, Fargo agreed with the researchers that it was too early to speculate that the onset of menopause was also a factor in the risk of dementia.

“We can’t draw that conclusion from this study alone,” he emphasized. Alzheimer’s disease It’s complicated and probably due to multiple factors. It is important to discover those factors and translate those findings into treatment. “

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Source: Diana Kuh, Ph.D. , Professor, Life Course Epidemiology, MRC Lifelong Health and Aging Unit, University College London; Dr. Keith Fargo, Director of Science Programs and Outreach at the Alzheimer’s Association in Chicago. April 11, 2018, Neurology,online

Can menopause mean poor memory in the elderly?

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