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The Toyota Camry hit update quickly refined the range to hybrids only, giving the brand the opportunity to offer some mild criticism of the recent fleet announcements over a $ 8,500 span at three trim levels. I did.

Toyota’s reminder in New Zealand that all variants ($ 42,490 GX, $ 46,990 SX, $ 50,990 ZR) generate CO2 counts well below the government’s fleet requirements, the government approves the purchase of hundreds of electric vehicles It seems to be a comment pointed out because it comes in the same week as I did. ..

In a release comment saying that the car will be available in the coming weeks, TNZ General Manager Steve Prangnell of new car sales and product planning said the global intention of the market leader is to adopt a mainstream hybrid electric model as a major CO2 reduction. The strategy in developed countries before the availability of secondary battery-powered electric vehicles, which Toyota will launch next year, states that it is to promote.

“Toyota NewZealand is committed to supporting this locally. Hybrids are the mainstream option for reducing CO2, as only 4.2% of global vehicle sales in 2020 will be EVs or PHEVs. “It’s even more reminiscent that Toyota offers hybrids in almost every vehicle in its entire range,” he says.

“Mainstream hybrid vehicles such as the Corolla, Camry and RAV4 allow our customers to improve their fleet’s CO2 emissions by up to 30%.

“We see many vehicles, including government agencies and rental vehicles, adopting hybrid vehicles like the Camry as a way to reduce CO2 emissions without compromising vehicle performance and ease of use. . “

He says the current generation Camry, which has registered 2,480 units since its launch in 2018, shows momentum as a front runner in the sedan segment. But what TNZ avoids is that the sector itself has shrunk significantly during that period, many brands have withdrawn, and the three-year count is in one 12-month period when these models were. It’s less than the Camry achieved. Popular.

The Camry hybrid push is a potentially easy call. The V6 derivative engine in the pre-renovation lineup has become the choice of choice. However, TNZ has not completely terminated the use of 6-cylinder gasoline on this platform. The new Highlander Sport Utility, which shares the foundation, will continue in V6. TNZ made a U-turn on the first decision to make the model also hybrid pure.

Prangnell argues that the abolition of the V6 Camry is a natural impact of CO2 reduction decisions. “Both consumer demand and industry foresight are shrinking in favor of hybrid models.

“This decision was made primarily due to growing consumer interest in hybrid driving, as individuals recognize that environmental benefits do not have to sacrifice engine performance. “

This vehicle is said to emit 4.2-4.7 liters per 100 km to 96-107 grams of CO2 per km, depending on the derivative vehicle. Environmental certification does not sacrifice performance, as the 2.5-liter powertrain produces a total of 160kW of power, Prangnell said.

The SX and ZR variations have a different front bumper design than the GX, with a honeycomb-style grille, and a larger design that avoids the 17-inch alloy of the base car. The SX is in its 19s and the ZR is in its 18s, and there is also a panoramic roof with a sliding sunroof and shark fin antenna.

These Camries are finally compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The GX delivers a 7-inch touchscreen display, and the SX and ZR feature a 9-inch presentation.

The SX has a paddle shifter, sports front seats and two rear USB charging ports. The ZR features three additional speakers, including a blackwood interior, front seat heaters, JBL premium audio system, and 26.5 cm rear subwoofer.

The car’s Toyota Safety Sense package implements pedestrian and cyclist detection, emergency steering assist, intersection turn assist, lane trace assist, and road sign assist, and the dynamic radar cruise control system adds curve speed reduction.

Blind spot monitors and rear cross traffic alerts have also been added to the SX, and panoramic view monitors have been added to the ZR.

Camry Hybrid – TNZ Claims CO2 Reliability — Motoringnz

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