C5X is a blend of SUVs, station wagons and sedans

Citroën is at its best eclectic with this new flagship

Tired of rocking in a large, expensive European sports utility wagon?

Despite the fact that those cars are very strong sellers, Citroën has determined that there are enough people out there who want to get out of the trend.

If you are in that crowd, say “Bonjour” to the C5X. The C5X is a large, internationally announced overnight prestige model that acts as a brand new flagship.

On the surface, it’s a large high-riding car, with a focus on comfort and design for those who can’t see something like a bulky block, but proudly unconventional in some respects, especially in design. It stands out as well.

Some SUVs (and therefore taller), some station wagons (ie the load on the interior space), some sedans (overall elegance) … Citroën is sometimes notorious for being unconventional. , This seems to be particularly eclectic. No wonder the manufacturer has expressed expectations that it will span several segments of the market.

Certain styling cues (especially LED headlight design) are inspired by the radical CXperience concept presented in 2016, and the C5X also shares the spirit of so-called “advanced comfort” design.

Model “X” suffix? It’s not really an off-road reference. Instead, Citroën says it’s about marketing positioning. This is a model that stands at the “crossroads of customer needs”.

Production for right-hand drive countries will begin next year, and national brand rights owner AutoDistributors NZ has yet to announce whether it will be seen. Probably not. Large Citroen have always struggled here.

Still, such styling should be considered to stand out from the Q7 and X5 crowds.

The Citroën C5X is 4.8 meters long, significantly longer than the largest SUV Citroën ever offered, the C5 Aircross. It starts with a 19-inch wheel that is thinner than usual for economic reasons.

To compete with SUVs, it maximizes practicality. The boots are 545 liters in size, and the capacity increases to 1640 liters when the backseat is tilted forward.

Primarily, I thought it was about the needs of the passengers. Citroën is all about “high comfort”. It is a belief expressed in the seat design and suspension suspension setup.


This car is intended to recreate the driving style of historic Citroën sedans such as the DS and CX “magic carpets”. Use a hydraulic cushion suspension setup like an air cloth to achieve a ride that aims to “overcome all obstacles, pits, curbs, speed bumps and other road connections.”

The highest version of this proof of the plug-in hybrid version comes standard with a drive mode selector that allows you to choose between three suspension settings.

“Advanced Comfort” is also popular in cabins. The seats are designed by saying that Citroën is a mattress style approach.

The interior contains several premium materials, including wooden inserts that extend across the dashboard fascia to the door. Without the traditional gear selector, the center console is neat and contains lots of physical buttons for climate control and more. Sitting on the dashboard is a large 12-inch touch that offers a new type of infotainment system with a widget-based display and a smartphone connection via Bluetooth and USB-C, in addition to wireless charging. It is a screen.

There is only a petrol engine option-yes, diesel is dead even in the brand family that made it famous for cars. The plug-in hybrid model is expected to be the most popular. It has an output of 168kW and has an electric drive range of more than 50 kilometers available.

Several driver assistance features add to the technology-rich nature of the car, including an extended heads-up display, adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go capabilities, and lane keep assist.



C5X is a blend of SUVs, station wagons and sedans

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