Broker complaint rejected-good return

The FSCL rejected complaints against brokers and financial companies after clients were delinquent in mortgage payments and forced to sell their homes.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 16:01

According to the dispute resolution service, a mortgage client named Christina borrowed $ 950,000 to buy a family home while paying income protection from ACC and an insurance company.

The client’s mortgage broker assured the lender that Christina would return to work soon and presented her with an account to show that she could afford to pay “easily”.

After making the first three payments of the mortgage, Christina had a second accident. Neither her insurance company nor ACC accepted her claim for the second injury.

The client then called the lender and informed him that his mother was ill abroad and needed to leave the country. She demanded a three-month postponement, which the bank negotiated for up to a month.

After that, the situation swirled. The client struggled to pay the loan and was informed that a PLA notice would be issued.

Before the lender applied for an alternative service, the client got stuck abroad and tried to sell the property.

This was successful and the lender was able to provide a PLA notice.

Following the notification, the client complained to the FSCL.

The client said her lender should not have approved her loan because her income was volatile, and the financial company should have dealt with her second injury and withdrew funding. Told.

She complained that her financial company and broker had “collusioned” to charge her unreasonable fees — $ 4,295 from the lender and $ 4,750 from the financial company.

The client also complained that her rate was 7.75%, much higher than the average bank rate at the time.

In addition, the client stated that the lender was not authorized to pursue the sale of the mortgage because her PLA notice was not provided directly.

FSCL ruling

The FSCL said there were “some concerns” about making large loans to someone regarding income protection and ACC payments, but the evidence presented to the lenders emphasized the client’s ability to provide loans. He said he was.

“Instead, changes in Christina’s situation seemed to have caused the default,” said FSCL.

The dispute resolution service stated that the client’s lender is obliged to provide relief under the responsible lending code under the responsible lending code, but the lender is to help the client maintain the home. He said he did “as much as he could.”

The FSCL said it was pleased with the disclosure of brokerage and establishment fees, as well as interest rate details.

We are pleased that the PLA notifications have been properly provided.


After receiving the FSCL ruling, the client auctioned his home. If the auction fails, the financial company has the right to take over the sales process to secure profits.

The FSCL confirmed the view that loans were affordable and that changing client conditions led to mortgage defaults.

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Broker complaint rejected-good return

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