Brian Gaynor is dead – Come back

Brian Gaynor passed away this morning after a short -lived illness in one of New Zealand’s biggest capital markets.

Monday, May 16th 2022, 3:29 PM

and BusinessDesk

Brian also founded Milford Asset Management.

Among the many awards, Brian received two NZ Shareholders Association Beacon Award in 2020 and 2006. His key work has included responsibilities as a partner and head of research at Jarden. , a member of the New Zealand Stock Exchange, chairman of the New Zealand Society of Investors and chairman of the Asian Investment Council.

Milford has grown into one of New Zealand’s largest banks, with $ 15 billion under management.

The NZX praised Gaynor, noting his significant contribution to the capital markets over the past five years.

“As one of the country’s leading investment analysts, Brian is a titan of New Zealand’s capital markets,” said James Miller, CEO of NZX.

“Brian is one of the most influential people in the 150 -year history of the New Zealand and NZX capital markets.”

“She has done an amazing job from the auditor to the professional finance director, as she is a professional language leader.

“Brian is a well -known leader with a first class background who is passionate about capital markets and their role in the public sector.

“We have given a lot of attention to the viability of New Zealand’s capital markets. His contribution will be appreciated.”

NZX chief executive Mark Peterson said Gaynor had won New Zealand with a strong and free trade.

“Brian highlighted the important role markets play in economic growth by providing investment in businesses, access to jobs and growth, and a high level of transparency. living for New Zealanders, “Peterson said.

“One of her strengths is that she wants to encourage debate by sharing her thoughts. She has market knowledge, history and expertise.

Gaynor was instrumental in the rededication of BusinessDesk, as a major shareholder and leader of its board prior to the acquisition of NZME.

He invested in BusinessDesk so he could help create the newspaper he thought New Zealand would need. Prior to that, he wrote a column in the NZ Herald for 23 years, before starting writing for BusinessDesk.

“We at BusinessDesk express our deepest condolences to Brian’s family and everyone who saw him. We are devastated.”

Details of a memorial service will be released in due course.

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Brian Gaynor is dead – Come back

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