Bonuses in online casinos: how does it work?

Bonuses have become an important marketing tool used to attract the attention of new no deposit casino uk 2022 customers, as well as to retain and stimulate existing ones. However, not every promotion is good. Some of them are created specifically to siphon as much money out of the user as possible, but the same cannot be said at all about casino bonuses.

Here, the bonuses really work, mostly to the benefit of the player. Read up on bonus programs and you’ll find out how to find your way in the world of bonuses, how they work, what they are like, and much more.

How do bonuses work?

A bonus is a kind of prize that you get when you decide to open a gaming account on the site or play for real money by making a deposit. The most common form of bonus is a credit that you can play with, and once certain casino conditions are met, it will be credited to your account. Other commonly used varieties of bonuses include free spins (spins) or a cashback (cashback). Bonuses extend the game and give you a second chance. You keep playing even though you’ve already lost your deposit.

Bonuses are quite often a good opportunity to play some more.

Types of bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses – You can get a bonus in the form of a credit, according to your deposit amount. Most often you can get 50%, 100% of your deposit, sometimes even 200% or 300%. However, the maximum bonus is usually fixed and limited.

No Deposit Bonuses – This bonus is especially popular with so-called free casinos, for players who want to win real money but don’t take any risk. Most often give such bonuses only for registration, no deposit of funds into your account is required. It is usually around $10 to $20 and meeting the conditions of these types of bonuses is quite difficult.

Free Spins – you won’t get bonuses, but you do have a chance to get free spins on one or even more of the most interesting slots with prepaid credit. The profit is not credited to your account immediately. It forms a bonus credit that requires you to meet additional conditions. Only after these requirements are met will the casino credit your account with money, which you can then download.

Cashback – The casino recovers some of the money you lost.

Loyalty program – many of the casinos try to keep players and prepare something special for them. The benefits offered in loyalty programs are hard to define. They most often include electronic stores with promotional material for loyalty points, and exclusive games or contests for players competing for jackpots or vacations abroad.

A separate type of bonus is promotional codes, which most often come to players from casino partners. Such codes can give the player anything, be it spins or bonus money. Promo codes also exist in almost every site and are not badly popular.

Basic rules for bonuses

Withdrawal bonus is only available after the established conditions are met and implemented. Be sure to read the detailed version of the casino’s terms and conditions. In case you don’t understand something, don’t hesitate to contact customer service.

The main conditions for getting bonuses

The ability to open only one account and receive only one bonus per person, IP address, email address, credit card number or bank account number. Do not even try to open multiple accounts.

When registering with www.newonline-casinos.co.uk, always fill out truthful information or else you will have problems with the payment of your winnings. Casinos require verification of personal information.

You cannot download bonuses at once. A rollover bonus means that the wager amount in a given game must exceed a certain amount of its original value.

Casinos tend to limit bonus promotions to certain countries. You should read this in their terms and conditions.

Some bonuses, however, require visitors to enter bonus codes.

What to look out for when choosing bonuses and promotions?

Play only in casinos with a good reputation. You can find information about a casino’s reputation by typing the name of the casino into the search box. If you find a lot of complaints about that casino, do not open an account with it, no matter how attractive the bonus may seem to you.

Bonuses are provided by the casino. This is why bonus cancellation conditions are allowed at different times.

Especially after you win a large amount, some casinos may try to accuse you of abusing the bonuses, and you may lose profits.

Bonus Hunters

Bonus hunting is a deliberate abuse to achieve long-term profits. The golden age of bonus hunters was 10 years ago, when it was enough to know how to play Blackjack and the player could get to an interesting amount of bonuses.

The modern bonus hunt is mainly because of the high variation in the strategy of the game. In other words, it can make you lose everything or win at least 20 times the bonus amount. It requires a good starting capital, mastery of the game and game strategy, and a thorough knowledge of the rules and conditions.


Today, the world of gambling is extremely vast, and along with the rapid growth of the sites themselves are also actively improving and the area of bonus programs. More and more institutions are coming up with something special, introducing personalized types of incentives and thus require users to meet only the minimum conditions for their receipt. Today, all conditions and even a little more have been created so that players can spend their time with pleasure in their favorite types of games and get a lot more pleasure than it was possible before.

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