Blockade leaves children with ADHD at stake

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Friday, February 19, 2021 (HealthDay News)

When clinical psychologist Maggie Sibley thinks about the effects of a coronavirus pandemic on children and adolescents with attention deficit /Hyperactivity Disability, she is most worried about older people teens Children who may be experiencing with people who may drop out of high school depression..

It would be hard to argue that this year wasn’t difficult for everyone, and it may be even more true for those suffering from neurodevelopment and neurodevelopment. mental health problem.

“I think there are many more risk factors to become now. depression,and ADHD High risk of becoming already depression.. I’m worried about the negative side. ” Child health, Behavior, and development at the Seattle Children’s Institute.

In a study published online on February 14th Journal of Psychiatric Research, Sibley et al. Examined a group of 134 adolescents and young adults and found that problems were reported. Social isolationDifficulty engaging in online learning, motivational problems and boredom, which increased during the pandemic.

“I’m not surprised to hear that [about social isolation] Most teenagers have friends who interact outside of school, but teenagers ADHD There is a risk that you will only be able to interact with your peers at school. “Hyperactivity Disability (CHAAD).

“Another problem was that there was a problem with the experience of distance learning. In part, distance learning was not so attractive and, of course, ADHD You need a really attractive environment to learn well, “she said. “And they also lose the structure that many people think they have. ADHD Reliable and consistent schedule. “

Many studies show increased symptoms in both children and adults during a pandemic ADHDAccording to a recent review of Adolescent Health Journal From researchers, including Rosana Breaux, a professor at Virginia Tech and Blacksburg State University.

This includes an increase in new diagnostics for ADHD,In particular Teen boy, According to another survey published by Athena health last year. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder with symptoms such as lack of attention and problems controlling impulsive behavior. Prevention.. It can be treated with medications or treatments that include strategies to promote good behavior at home and teach adolescent skills to deal with symptoms.

Lack of structure has its strengths and weaknesses

“National data has been released showing that more and more people are asking about their first ADHD diagnosis or taking medication, even if they have been diagnosed with ADHD but have not taken any medication in the past.” Said.

Some may already be struggling, but only when they were at home during the pandemic and their parents were observing them all day, they realized how hard it was. Sibley said.

Others may not have experienced problems in a normal school environment, but when they lost structure and acquired stressors involved in the pandemic, they began to have problems.

“I think it’s a big question mark if those people really have ADHD. When thinking about ADHD, it not only appears in difficult times, but also a kind of lifelong experience that they still need help with. “Sibley said.

“Good for trained professionals who are evaluated for ADHD and give good diagnostics to help them understand what the next step is, regardless of whether they meet ADHD criteria. That’s it, “she added.

Not all parts of this experience are negative.

“One way you can see this is that this is an opportunity for people with ADHD to learn how to cope with their symptoms,” Sibley said.

According to Maryland psychologist Carey Heller, the silvery backing of distance learning during a pandemic helped children and adolescents with ADHD to build stronger executive function skills with tasks that made these changes difficult. is.

How to help your teen stay focused

“Executive function weaknesses underlie many major flaws associated with ADHD,” Heller wrote on the CHAAD blog. He is a member of the organization’s board of directors.

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This includes planning, organizing, and working memory, and children are required to use it on a variety of platforms for online lessons and work, Heller said.

“I think everyone is different. There are some Children with ADHD “Teachers are really thriving in distance learning and hybrid models because of the consistency of learning online,” Heller said. “Because other children are doing more.” I think it’s a lot harder. People remember or have clues to pay attention to things. You can easily withdraw by simply turning off the camera. “

For parents and children who are still struggling, it may be useful to set up structured routines. According to Heller, it’s beneficial to have children work routinely, even for children aged four or five.

Sibley has proposed to generate positive rewards for good efforts during the day.Also, the accommodation Children with ADHD You have the right to be followed in distance learning.

ADHD may show symptoms similar to anxiety And depressionThat’s why it’s important to make a thorough evaluation, Heller said.

If the family is now worried that the child may have ADHD, the first step is to talk to the child’s pediatrician, Sibley said. Physicians can connect family members with psychologists who can make thorough assessments.

“I think there is great growth potential during this time,” Heller said. “I think kids need support and tools to make it successful.”

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Prevention There are details ADHD.

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Blockade leaves children with ADHD at stake

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