Bishop Catholic says protecting children invalidates the secret of confession

France’s best Catholic bishop says in a sudden turmoil that protecting children from sexual abuse overturns the secret of confessions, reports RFIa France news and public radio stations on the current issue

Bishop Eric de Moulin-Beaufort (pictured) says protecting children is an “absolute priority” for the Catholic Church.

His remarks are completely inconsistent with last week’s comments that the priest suggested that the confession should not be violated.

Moulin Beaufort, chairman of the French Episcopal Conference, caused anger among a group of victims when he said the secret of the confession was “beyond the law of the Republic.”

His comments follow the publication of a report alleging that Catholic clergy and church members have sexually abused 330,000 children over the past 70 years.

De Moulins-Beaufort was summoned at the request of President Emmanuel Macron to a meeting with French Minister of Religion and Interior Minister Gerald Dharmanin on Tuesday.

At a long meeting on Tuesday, Dermanin said French law recognizes the professional secrets of the sacraments of confession, but this does not apply to disclosures that could lead to criminal cases of child sexual abuse. Revealed.

“I told him … no law is better than the law of the Diet and the Senate … France respects all religions, provided it respects the laws of the Republic and the Republic.”

De Moulins-Beaufort then issued a statement emphasizing “the decision of all bishops and all Catholics to work closely with the French authorities to make the protection of children an absolute priority.” Did.

In an interview last week, he apologized for the “clumsy” wording of his answer, asked for forgiveness, and said:

“The extent of violence and sexual assault against minors revealed by the report requires the Church to modify its practices in the light of this reality,” he said.

“Therefore, we need to reconcile the nature of the confession with the need to protect the child.”

He also repeated his “shame and startle” on the findings of the report, promising that “the French church would carry out the necessary reforms to earn the trust of all.”

He said he had asked the Pope to meet with the author of the report in the Vatican.

One of the report’s recommendations included requesting the Church to reconsider the seal of confession in the event of abuse.

Francis expressed his “shame and fear” in the report, but to this day the Vatican has strongly defended the secret of the confession.


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Bishop Catholic says protecting children invalidates the secret of confession

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