Biggest Video Pet Peeves According to British Mass

Slow internet connections are called the biggest video call frustration by UK workers, as millions of home workers are feeling the effects of video call fatigue, according to a new study.

Largest pet pebs

The study, conducted by online smartphone retailer, found the largest screen-time bugbears in UK adults, with nearly one-third (30%) losing. .. Internet connection As the most annoying thing.

Interestingly, the theme of connectivity issues continued to be frustration with screen-time encounters, with 28% of the people surveyed finding that they were calling people with poor connectivity, a quarter of British people (1/4). 25%) admits the greatest frustration. A person who disturbs the speaker.

Video calling is now an important part of our daily lives and an important aspect of our work. However, it can be really annoying if you lose your connection or get in the way of your speakers during a call.

Here are the 10 most annoying features of a video call:

1. Internet connection lost

2. People with poor internet connection

3. The person who blocks the speaker

4. Those who participate late

5. Participants eating on the phone when not muted

6. You need to remind people that you are muted

7. People without a camera

8. People looking away from the screen

9. Vigorous breathing

10. Someone is typing loudly on the keyboard

Patience is a virtue

Lateness is hated in many life steps, but when it comes to late phone calls, men seem less tolerant than women. More than a quarter (27%) of men emphasized lateness as an important issue compared to one-fifth (20%) of women.

The younger generation is far less patient with the etiquette of a particular call, about three times (17%) that of those aged 18-24 who are resentful of those who say goodbye at the end of the call. Only 6% of those above that. 65s.

This is further amplified by hearing people type on the keyboard loudly during a call, which is dissatisfied by more than four times as many young adults (23%) as 65 years and older (5%). I am.

When it comes to using Video call In the case of work, perhaps of course, the recruitment and HR departments are the least tolerant of colleagues getting up late for virtual meetings, with 57% quoting this as a pet peve. This is more than 20% higher than any other industry. The sector also ranks highest in dissatisfaction with having to deal with poor internet connections, with just under half (48%) reporting this as an important issue.

Andrew Cartledge, Mobile Expert at, Comment: “Many of us spend a lot of time working from home, so we had to get used to a whole new way of interacting with people. Of course, we inevitably complain about certain behaviors. It’s really interesting to see which issues are most annoying to people, as there are several things that can lead to.

“Society is starting to reopen, but many will be working in remote areas with some ability, at least for a long time. Hopefully these findings and tips will frustrate others. It enables people to get the most out of their video calls while avoiding properties that can cause rations. “

Biggest Video Pet Peeves According to British Mass

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