Biden will work to reverse Trump’s policy by executive order

US President Joe Biden began revoking some of Donald Trump’s key policies hours after being sworn in.

US President Joe Biden is preparing to sign a series of executive orders in the Oval Office hours after taking office.
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“When it comes to tackling the crisis we’re facing, we don’t have time to waste,” he tweeted when he headed to the White House following his inauguration.

President Biden has signed 15 executive orders aimed at boosting the federal response to the coronavirus crisis.

Other moves will overturn the previous administration’s position on climate change, immigration and racial relations.

“We will not only reverse the serious damage of the Trump administration, but also take action to start moving our country forward,” Biden said in a statement detailing the order.

So what are some of the outstanding orders?

Coronavirus pandemic

Biden will take various steps to support its efforts to tackle Covid-19, which has killed more than 400,000 people in the United States. The presidential order of the president is as follows.

  • Stop taking action to withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO). Virus expert Dr. Anthony Fauci will join the WHO International Board of Directors on behalf of the United States this week.
  • Centralize national Covid-19 response to coordinate distribution of protective equipment, vaccines and tests
  • Require masks and distances for all federal property
  • Start the “100-day Masking Challenge” and ask people to mask for 100 days

Climate crisis

Biden is trying to revoke some of his predecessor’s controversial orders related to environmental policy:


The president swore:


Biden will work to reverse Trump’s policy by executive order

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