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Upset by Roe ‘a sad day for the court and for the country’ – Biden

president Joe Biden has condemned the Supreme Court decision repealing the constitutional right to abortion, warning that it endangers women’s health across the country.

“The court did what it has never done before: specifically strip away a constitutional right that is so fundamental to so many Americans,” Biden said in a speech from the White House. “It is a sad day for the court and for the country.”

Roe’s upset ‘a sad day for the court and for the country,’ says Joe Biden – video

“Now that Roe is gone, let’s be absolutely clear that the health and lives of women in this nation are now at risk.”

The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee will hold a hearing next month to discuss the implications of the Dobbs decision.

“I will not stand idly by republican Rip away abortion rights, pull this country back by half a century and prepare for a national ban on abortion,” the committee chairman said Patty Murray . “I will use my gavel as Chair of the Health Committee to shed light on the devastating damage this Supreme Court decision will do to women’s health in this country.”

But again, it’s unclear what this hearing could do other than “shed light on the matter.” In a divided Senate, it’s unclear that 60 votes are needed to get past a filibuster and pass any sort of abortion protections.

In New York’s Washington Square Park, Lucy Schneider, 101, and her granddaughter Emily Savin were among those at the park who opposed the decision. Schneider held a page that read “Centenarian for Choice.”

“I’m very much against the current Supreme Court and everything they’re doing is just terrible,” Schneider said.

“I want her to have the freedom to have an abortion if she needs to. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but I want her to be able to,” said Schneider.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was escorted by police on Friday as she walked the short distance between the Capitol and the Supreme Court buildings to join pro-abortion groups protesting there.

Addressing the crowd through a megaphone amid the chaos, the New York representative urged people to “take to the streets” and “keep abortion safe and legal.”

AOC escorted by police as she joins pro-abortion protests – video

“We look at suffering and death,” said an escort at an abortion clinic in Jackson, Missouri. “How do you think we feel?”

Missouri abortion clinic escort awaits ‘suffering and death’ after Roe v Wade is knocked over – video

Victoria Bekiempis

NYC‘s Washington Square Park was packed with what appeared to be more than 1,000 pro-choice protesters early Friday night as the US Supreme Court this morning announced a decision overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade picked up.

“We’re very upset about what’s going on in the world and I’m starting to feel like we’re slipping into theocracy and it’s hard to wake up and think that women are less citizens,” said Erin, 49. Erin, a nonprofit worker who requested that her last name not be used, visited the Arizona town.

In this state, advocates are preparing for officials to crack down on abortion. Erin said she wasn’t shocked by the decision.

It wasn’t “honestly surprising,” Erin said. “I know that many of my friends and family held out hope that things would not turn out the way they did.”

“It’s devastating,” Erin said. “It’s really hard.”

Here are some more scenes from protests across the country:

People have gathered in Union Square in New York to protest the Supreme Court decision.
People have gathered in Union Square in New York to protest the Supreme Court decision. Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Protesters participate in a
Protesters participate in a “Die In” in Norman, Oklahoma. Photo: Sue Ogrocki/AP
Demonstrators gathered outside the Los Angeles courthouse.
Demonstrators gathered outside the Los Angeles courthouse. Photo: David McNew/Getty Images

Gabrielle Canon

During a press conference held this afternoon, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed new legislation codifying the state’s obligation to provide safe access to abortion treatment for those outside its borders.

Earlier Friday, Newsom also joined the governors of Washington and Oregon in jointly pledged to secure West Coast abortion rights for residents and those across the country who will be affected by the ruling.

The new California law overturns civil judgments by anti-abortion states that have tried to ban their residents from traveling to places where reproductive care is legal. Signaling that this is just the first of a dozen pieces of legislation that will cross the governor’s desk in the coming weeks, Newsom stressed that the state will do everything it can to serve as a safe haven while protecting its own residents from the to protect what he cast as deep hypocrisy by the nation’s highest court.

“This isn’t just about women. This isn’t just about choice,” Newsom said, nodding to the erosion of rights that Justice Clarence Thomas outlined in his concurring opinion, calling for a reassessment of precedents on maintaining same-sex marriage and contraception. “This is a serious moment in American history,” Newsom continued. “This moment underscores what’s really going on in this country and they’re wrapping up.”

Here is the Supreme Court scene:

A crowd marches with signs in front of the Supreme Court. The next reads, on lime green poster board, 'Pro-Life?! You kill women'.
Pro-abortion protesters protest outside the Supreme Court building as the court decides the Dobbs v. Women’s Health Organization abortion case. Photo: Jim Bourg/Reuters
People hold signs in front of the Supreme Court. The sign in the foreground has hand-drawn images of bloodstained judges' robes inscribed with the name of each Supreme Court Justice. Above the pictures are the words
Demonstrators in front of the Supreme Court. Photo: Evelyn Hockstein/Reuters

Amanda Gorman, first national youth poet award winner, wrote this in response to today’s verdict:

We won’t be stopped.
We will not mask ourselves
On the history of a handwork.
We will Roe v. Don’t slowly fade Wade.
‘Cause if we show up today
We’re getting up
With the morning we did.

Let’s go to work:

— Amanda Gorman (@TheAmandaGorman) June 24, 2022

Lisa Murkowskione of two senates republican Abortion rights supporter said she would “work with a broader group” to restore rights.

The Alaska Senator said:

I continue to work with a broader group to restore women’s freedom to control their own health decisions, wherever they live. Legislation to achieve this must be a priority.

But the feeling probably won’t get her very far. Coding abortion protections requires full Senate support democrats and 10 Republicans.

Sam Levin

Sam Levin

Dozens of elected prosecutors across the US have signed one Letter Pledge not to prosecute abortions, including officials in states with “trigger laws” that are in the process of banning abortions.

DAs pledging not to prosecute abortion in states with trigger laws and prohibitions include officials in St. Louis, MO; Jefferson Co. of Alabama; Dallas, Travis, Bexar, Nueces, Fort Bend counties in Texas; counties Genesee, Hinds, Washtenaw, Ingham, Marquette in Mich; and Hinds County, miss

— Sam Levin (@SamTLevin) June 24, 2022

A total of 83 prosecutors and attorneys general agreed to the commitment, saying they were unified in their belief that “prosecutors have a responsibility not to use limited resources of the criminal justice system to criminalize personal medical decisions,” adding, “As such, we Refuse to use the resources of our offices to criminalize reproductive health decisions and commit to exercising our reasonable discretion and refraining from prosecuting those who seek, perform or assist in abortion.”
In addition to commitments from officials in blue states that have abortion rights defense laws, signers include local prosecutors in Missouri, Texas, Michigan and Mississippi. Even with the Roe in effect, prosecutors across the US have filed criminal charges against people for miscarriage and other consequences, and advocates say this type of criminalization will escalate significantly if the Roe decision is overturned.

Biden warns women’s lives at risk after Supreme Court Roe v Wade – live | US policy

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