Biden Administration Reopens Immigration Depot Near Guantanamo Bay Prison | US Immigrants

The Biden administration is preparing to reopen an immigration camp in Guantanamo Bay. Rapid increase in immigrants And asylum seekers on the southern border.

Immigration Customs Bureau (Ice) Bureau Bid invitation For private contractors to do Immigration Operations Center Near the prison grounds of the remaining 39 detainees detained in the “war on terrorism” at a US naval base.

The immigration camp was first established in 1991 and was intended to accommodate Cuban asylum seekers. Eventually, it was used to detain about the same number of Cubans as about 34,000 Haitians until it was disbanded by the Obama administration. It has not been used to contain immigrants since 2017.

Ice is looking for a private contractor to operate the center and provide unarmed management and security guards.

“At least 10 percent of the increased workforce must be fluent in Spanish and Haitian Creole,” said the first reported ad. NBC News.. It was posted on the Government Contract website on September 17th and had an offer deadline of October 1st.

Neither the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the ice, nor the National Security Council responded to requests for comment by Wednesday evening.

The advertised “contract opportunity” states: “Although the facility has a capacity of 120 people and an estimated daily population of 20, the service provider is responsible for maintaining the equipment needed to build temporary housing for the population on-site. There are over 120 and up to 400 immigrants at the surge event. “

Contractors will have to assemble tents and cribs for a surge in migrant detainees with a sudden notice.

“In addition, the service provider has a roster of at least 50 people who meet the minimum requirements for the demilitarized detention officer job category and have a viable emergency response plan to place these individuals within 24 hours of notification. Must be maintained. “

The planned resumption of the site will come when it is estimated 14,000 immigrants I have crossed the Rio Grande river in the last two weeks. Mostly Haitian, the crowd includes thousands of women and children, fleeing the recent turmoil caused by a powerful earthquake exacerbated by the political turmoil caused by the assassination of President Jovenel Moise. I am.

The Biden administration has stepped up its deportation flights to Haiti, but has been severely criticized by human rights groups for deliberately returning Haiti’s migrants and asylum seekers to fatal danger.

Biden Administration Reopens Immigration Depot Near Guantanamo Bay Prison | US Immigrants

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