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ODecember 2nd, the White House Winter plan Due to the surge in Covid that can come when cold temperatures and vacation plans drive people indoors. It included a surprisingly inadequate plan for people to undergo home examinations.

The plan was canceled nine days after announcing the discovery by South African scientists. New variant A coronavirus that appeared to be more contagious. The United States has acted swiftly to ban travel from South Africa and several other South African countries. Claim Such restrictions would be “slow things down” and “buy time” for the United States to prepare.

However, it was difficult to know what we were buying time for as Christmas and New Year approached and the subsequent surge in infectious diseases was inevitable.White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Mockery With the idea of ​​offering Americans free tests and mailing them home, as many other countries do.

Instead, the government can prepaid money, wait for repayment, and they don’t buy them if 150 million Americans (less than half the country) are insured. If you said it could be repaid for testing in mid-January. Tests purchased before vacation are not eligible for refund. On the other hand, it was impossible to find a test in a vast area of ​​the country. Or they had to be in line so that only those who could afford the time-consuming taxes of the people could access the test.

It was a very complex, limited, inadequate, and radically wrong plan, so I illustrated everything that the Biden administration’s response to the coronavirus had failed so far. ..

The mantra for a successful health campaign is to “make healthy choices an easy choice.” However, the Biden administration easily creates difficult problems, prioritizes rules and regulations over results, postpones to private companies on the issue of state responsibility, burdens individuals who are already at their limits, and is a hassle of time and logistics. We have been enthusiastic about adding new barriers. It’s too late and there is too little contempt and urgency in responding to the cry for help.

Joe Biden will talk about the government’s Covid response on Thursday. Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP

This week, the United States broke the world record for the most coronavirus infections and hospitalizations in any country since the pandemic began. Two years after this crisis, one year after President Biden, we seem to be even worse than under Trump at the most deadly indicator. Under the Democratic Party, there are more deaths than under the predecessor.

What’s happening? How did the wealthiest nation in the world, the one governed by a party that is said to “believe in science,” reach here? Why did the Democrats give up saving the lives of those they claim to represent?

Promising start

When he took office, Biden flooded the country with vaccines, and of course. At that time, the United States had many advantages. The Democratic President and Parliament have provided three approved domestic vaccines and appropriate funding to arm the jab through all possible means of society.At some point, the United States was vaccinated 4 million people a day..

However, Democrats across the country have pursued a vaccine-only strategy when too many viruses bounce around the community. Vaccines work optimally in conjunction with other mitigations such as ventilation, masks, distances, and, if necessary, paid blockades, so that people encounter the virus as infrequently as possible.

Biden fought the Republican Party and demanded that more than 100 employers require vaccines and tests. This is the Supreme Court’s plan. I was blocked This week by the method of genocide. However, even if that protection was still in place, there were times when the president and Democratic governors and mayors should have closed their workplaces as much as possible.

Vaccines are like rain jackets. A good rain jacket will keep you dry in the rain, especially when using an umbrella and rubber boots. But if someone points you at the fire hose and points it at you for days or weeks, you’ll get wet, even with the best rain jacket possible.

Serena Nicholas of the Illinois Air Force National Guard will administer the Covid-19 vaccine to Larquetta Linear in January 2021 at the Mass Vaccination Center in Tinley Park, Illinois.
Serena Nicholas of the Illinois Air Force National Guard will administer the Covid-19 vaccine to Larquetta Linear in January 2021 at the Mass Vaccination Center in Tinley Park, Illinois. Photo: Scott Olson / Getty Images

That’s what’s happening now, as many vaccinated people are mostly moderate, but still have a breakthrough infectious disease.United States recorded 1.35 million people A new case only on Monday, not to mention the unrecorded case.

School should have been a few weeks away this month as there are many children who have not yet been vaccinated.The federal government should have paid as many workers as possible to stay home in the short term “Circuit break” Blockade to reduce viral load in the community. This is not happening.

At the same time, the population of prisons, prisons and ice detention centers should have been reduced as they are some of the most powerful vectors of all. This didn’t happen either.

“Follow science”

Vice President Kamala Harris in mid-December Said The Los Angeles Times, where the administration did not see the mutation coming. She was even surprised to find that SARS-CoV-2 “has mutations and mutations”.

In October, Francis Collins, a retired director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), said: Said MSNBC admitted that it “underestimated the problem of vaccine hesitation” and “would have somehow seen it come and come up with some kind of mythbuster approach.” I am.

These are misleading statements from government officials who claim to “follow science.” NIH has long predicted mutations (and provided advice on how to deal with them), as well as sociologists, anthropologists, and psychologists (and how to deal with them) who studied vaccine hesitation. Funding for.

Using science means changing behavior as the conditions being studied become necessary.

A general defense to justify keeping schools, prisons, or workplaces open through the Covid wave states: People are vaccinated. ” Several As with people, it wasn’t even early 2021 that these vaccines wanted to significantly stop future infections.

vaccination conduct Provides excellent personal protection, and they seem to be Decrease Subsequent transmission. However, how much they decrease can vary from variant to variant and does not stop as much as we wanted.

Therefore, if the positive rate becomes too high, science says that you need to wear a high quality mask, keep a distance if possible, and if necessary, lock down until the vaccine drops to the most effective level. there is. (restaurant, Very dangerous workplace, Surely closed, and their workers should pay to stay home. )

Students gather outside Chicago's public school headquarters to stage one of several major walkouts for Covid Safety at high school on Friday.
Students gather outside Chicago’s public school headquarters to stage one of several major walkouts for Covid Safety at high school on Friday. Photo: Jim Fondolska / Reuters

But Washington Democrats Chicago When new York Continue to use vaccination as a good reason to keep your school open as a day care center. Is this really for the safety of our group? Or to keep workers earning more wealth for the Democratic donor class?

Capital optimization

In June and July 2021, Abbott Laboratories fired 2,000 workers and destroyed millions of rapid Covid home tests. New York Times report.. As the number of cases decreased, the demand for testing decreased, and the company was making business decisions.

It took only a few weeks for the Delta variant to surge in demand again, at which point testing had already ended.

With that desire to optimize every inch and every second, how much could Abbott actually save because they didn’t have to store these tests? – US capitalism has no spare resources for emergency response plans and public goods.

It’s not just the Democratic Party that destroyed the test that Abbott couldn’t find the market. But if the Biden administration was waiting for winter, that is, when people were always aware that transparency would increase as they moved indoors, these tests could be purchased, stored, and surged. Or, better yet, I was ready to write my own test.

People gather in large numbers when they try to receive test kits from Brooklyn city workers on Christmas Eve.
People gather in large numbers when they try to receive test kits from Brooklyn city workers on Christmas Eve. Photo: Spencer Pratt / Getty Images

Democrats worship the “economy” when assessing the health of its people, without specifying who will benefit from the economy.Recently, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Mercia Fudge Boast on Twitter “The United States is the only major economy in the world where the economy as a whole is stronger than it was before the pandemic.”

But who’s economy?

Google is already offering a $ 1,000 device to the highest paid employees working remotely, so you can run quick Covid tests at home. Shift workers, on the other hand, have to spend hours waiting to be tested for viruses that are much more likely to have been exposed.

Their wealth increased as the ruling class worked safely from their homes and goods were delivered by human shields. because They are extracting value from Lower class of virusThose who pay for their time, their pathogenic work, and sometimes their lives themselves.

Too little, too late

I often think that the worst year of AIDS in the United States was 1995. This was the 15th year of the pandemic, just before life-saving drugs for the treatment of HIV became available. About 50,000 people have died.

Last week, the United States recorded an average of about 2,000 Covid deaths a day. We are stirring the same amount of death aid that occurs every 5, 6 or 7 weeks in the worst year.

The Covid vaccine is very good at saving the lives of individuals and certainly saves many.But alone, they haven’t stopped Covid’s death in the United States Exceeds Total deaths from US AIDS for 40 years within 2 years.

Thursday, White House announcement The federal government had purchased a billion home tests for distribution. This is only three tests per American, too few and too late. By the time they became available, the Omicron surge might have happened or disappeared.

But how much infection could have been prevented if the administration had acted faster? When experts say that domestic production and distribution of masks and tests are needed and other countries have shown how this approach works?

And why the government still mails the tests home for free and has a reimbursement scheme for the insured complex way to take the tests, rather than handing them out wherever someone takes them. Are you promoting it?why Biden When Harris Both tell Google where to take the test when 18% of people below the federal poverty line (people at the highest risk of Covid) don’t have it. Internet access??

What if the administration spent the time and energy scapegoating South Africa in anticipation of what the United States needs to do domestically? What if you actually used the time you were “buying” to buy and distribute masks and tests?

The administration is afraid to spend “do nothing” money. We are afraid to spend money to prevent disasters that never happen, making it more comfortable to respond to specific disasters after they occur.

But if neither Republicans nor Democrats are willing to look forward to the root cause of this disaster and actively address it, the United States will be the most infected and dead on the planet, despite our wealth claims. I am afraid to continue to be a country that brings.

Biden administration failed Covid test | Biden administration

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