Ben Affleck roasts after women share “DM from Stars”

A video of Ben slipping into a DM is spreading by word of mouth (Photo: AFF-USA / REX)

Ben Affleck is copying it online after the star said she sent her a DM after the woman rejected him on a dating app.

The video posted by TikToker Nivine Jay shows Ben appearing to be confronting her after thinking Ben is catching a catfish and then removing him in the star-studded dating app Raya. , It’s been a hot topic this week.

Adding her view of memes revisiting the moments people regret, Nivine writes:

She then shared a video of Ben, 48-year-old grinning:’Nivain, why aren’t you comparable to me? That’s me ‘

Well, it’s terribly annoying on both sides.

There’s something to say about both slipping into someone’s DM that isn’t comparable to you in a dating app and sharing their private video doing so, but it’s now out in the public realm and people I am reacting with courage.

Jameela Jamil channeled the Good Place character Tahani perfectly from the perspective of her connected Alter Ego. Good friends Ben Affleck shouldn’t send a message to a girl on Instagram or say “it’s me” like a mafia boss … -Tahani’

Comedian Nicole Byer added to Twitter:’Why don’t you date me when you need Ben Affleck for your podcast? You can do an episode of why you weren’t comparable to me.

Whitney Cummings was sick of it because it never matched the elite dating app Broke. Excuse me. “

Nivine told E, claiming she didn’t post a video to make fun of Batman’s star! News: “I was making fun of myself thinking he was a catfish, and it should just have been funny.”

It’s unclear when the video was shot and its legitimacy, but Ben, who recently broke up with his girlfriend Ana de Armas, made a rare comment about his dating life before when he denied being in Raya. I did.

In an interview with Diane Sawyer at Good Morning America last year, he said he didn’t visit any of the websites, adding: I want to have a deeply meaningful relationship and a deeply committed relationship. “

Metro.co.uk asked Ben personnel for comment.

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Ben Affleck roasts after women share "DM from Stars"

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