Beazley expects financial results to improve

Professional insurance group Beasley Plc bounced back and posted a pre-tax profit of US $ 167.3 million in the first half of 2021. The corresponding figure for the period ending June 30, 2020 was a pre-tax loss of $ 13.8 million.

Meanwhile, total premiums increased 22% to US $ 2.04 billion. Net earned premiums range from 14% to US $ 1.39 billion. Earnings per share was 18.9p, or 24 cents. In addition, Beazley reported that the total ratio for 6 months was 94%.

Commenting on the numbers, CEO Adrian Cox said: The rate of return on investment was solid at 1.2%. “

Beasley’s total reserve for the first half was $ 95.7 million. The amount for the same period last year was US $ 58.6 million. Meanwhile, insurer investment returned US $ 83.6 million.

“I’m excited about future growth opportunities,” said the new CEO. “Our capital base remains strong and we are poised to support our ambitious growth plans at the same level as in 2021. The Board of Directors continues to work on paying dividends and overall 2021 results. We will consider this at the end of the year, taking into account. “

Beazley expects financial results to improve

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