BBC StoryWorks Creates TECNO Content

TECNO, a premium smartphone brand focused on emerging markets, is working with BBC Storyworks, the in-house commercial content studio of BBC Studios, which produced the short film. Lens of the future: Looking ahead with TECNO Explore the meaning of mobile camera innovation.

Video introduces TECNO’s comprehensive mobile camera technology Learn more about the work done to better reflect the different communities for each user through a unique “glocalization” strategy.

In this work, TECNO finds and closes the gap between rapidly evolving mobile camera technology and the actual needs of consumers in different situations to meet the unique needs of local users, the environment and culture. Explains how to respond optimally.

For example, to optimize portrait image quality, TECNO has built a vast database of 7 skin types and 76 skin categories at TAVIOS Labs. So, no matter what it looks like, everyone can enjoy a camera that knows how to make it look good. During the course of photography, TECNO’s progressive algorithms automatically collect information from the user’s environment and recognize various opportunities to improve the image.

Li Jiangtao, Senior Director of TECNO Imaging Product and Head of TAIVOS ™ Lab, said: Short films explore the meaning behind TECNO’s key concept of mobile camera innovation, “Future Lens.” More comprehensive technology We can create an unrestricted, more understandable world for everyone. “

Richard Pattinson, SVP of BBC StoryWorks, said: TECNO has secured excellent access to interviews with the content production team, including photographer Justin Amoafo, a front-line staff member of the TECNO mobile camera division. I was also able to visit the TECNO mobile phone manufacturing site and camera lab. This allowed us to build a big picture for the audience about what TECNO does, how it does it, and their goals for a more inclusive future. “

TECNO is optimistic that emerging markets continue to see the amazing potential of mobile camera technology designed to meet the true needs of every user and benefit the community everywhere. TECNO, an up-and-coming innovator in the mobile camera space, is committed to advocating a wide variety of beauty standards and aims to provide emerging market users with the opportunity to express themselves through this technology. ..

The commercial series will air from January 4th to February 8th, 2022. This includes 32 versions broadcast on the BBC World News South Asia Feed and BBC World News Africa Feed, as well as the full version on the hosted Brand Content Hub. At

BBC StoryWorks Creates TECNO Content

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