Bay of Plenty kale print wins again on national stage

EFounded in 1993 to promote printing excellence in New Zealand, the Pride In Print Awards are the highest annual recognition of the best visual print communication products produced in New Zealand. They embody a culture of excellence that aims to meet, exceed, and continually push the boundaries of our customers.

It’s in the commercial market Pride imprint We offer its greatest concrete reward. Each sector of the industry is covered and a panel of judges’ experts analyzes all entries. Judgments are based on technical excellence in all aspects of manufacturing process, typography and good design, with experts making decisions based on process possibilities and limitations, and materials and equipment used. can do.

This year, a new category of business awards was introduced into the award program. These awards aim to highlight the businesses that are driving the future of the industry.

Winning Works Wealleans 2021 Calendar

There are three categories: Sustainability, Wellness & Innovation, each of which is a key factor in business success and industry evolution, and can continue to tell great stories in printed matter.

June 25, Kale print The representative attended the 2021 Pride in Print Award. The welcome party after the 2020 Award Night has been canceled due to Covid restrictions.

The team is honored to be recognized as a leader in the field among their peers and excels in a variety of categories, including the new Business Awards Innovation category for reception chairs and the prestigious overall category victory for Promotional Print by Wealleans 2021 Calendar. Was shown.

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Bay of Plenty kale print wins again on national stage

Source link Bay of Plenty kale print wins again on national stage

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