Baggie Malone responds to acquittal for breaking a man’s jaw

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Baggie Malone has vowed to continue the tour later this year after avoiding the illegal beatings of two men.

The 30-year-old rapper broke his jaw in a single blow after his then girlfriend Miami Mackenzie called that three men had invaded the house.

Manchester The Criminal Court heard that as the musician approached his home, Grime Star (real name Aaron Davis) said he saw two men and his friends in “apparently in conflict.”

He ran up and claimed to have hit one of the men with a “reflex” punch and rushed towards him, and then said he had hit another with a fist that made a “sharp move” in his direction. ..

The crown claimed that the musicians did not act in self-defense, and instead angry and beaten in the sense of legitimate revenge after falsely believing they were intruders.

The jury has admitted that Malone has not committed two crimes that have caused serious physical harm illegally and maliciously.

Baggie Malone (real name Aaron Davis) told fans in a short video shared on his Facebook page that he was “proud of the British judiciary.”

Baggie Malone said after the verdict (Photo: WireImage)

He said:’They say I broke the jaws of two strangers, but it wasn’t two strangers. It was three intruders. They invaded my land, threatened my family, and threatened me.

“I came back and protected my family. That’s what we are taught to do in England. You protect your castle.

“I’m proud to be an Englishman and I’m watching over the British judicial system. I know the judge is very fair and the jury examines the evidence with a real fine comb. Thank you. It was great to see how things are treated in such a professional way.

“Here we are not guilty, which means the show will continue. The tour will continue. There will be a shutdown event in November and December.

“I’m going to close my home stadium. An artist in my music genre has never been there.

“So I just wanted to thank my supporters. I’ve received a lot of comments, thank you. I’ll go again.”

In a statement outside the courtroom, rapper lawyer Lachlan Nisbet said: Like anyone else, he has the right to protect himself, his home, and his family if a stranger breaks into his property.

“I was looking forward to his UK tour becoming his central focus,” he added.

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Baggie Malone responds to acquittal for breaking a man's jaw

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