Bachelorette Live tonight-Fan favorite Michael Ario shocks Katie Thurston and says she’s leaving to go with her son

Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette Season Episode 8 features the “Men Tell All” special.

A preview of tonight’s episode reveals that this season’s villain Carl Smith has been burned by a man for framing multiple contestants as influential trackers.

In previous episodes, Karl was seen telling Katie that she had multiple men for the wrong reason, and Katie suspected she was dating a malicious man.

In “Men Tell All,” men try to set a straight record. But Karl never gave Katie the name of the man he suspected, so it could be said that he was only talking to Thomas Jacobs.

In a previous episode, Thomas revealed that he was in the show hoping that he would eventually become his next bachelor’s degree.

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  • A devastated fan after Michael left

    After Michael announced that he was leaving the show, Twitter devastated fans expressed their feelings.

    One fan wrote: “I’m not happy unless this ends with Katie appearing at Michael’s house with Capri Sun for James.”

  • Mourning Michael’s decision for fans to go home

    Single fans are saddened on Twitter that their favorite contestant, Michael, is returning home to spend more time with his son.

    Some write: “I’m shedding real tears. Michael deserves the world. He’s the real king. #TheBachelorette“”


    Katie told Michael at an emotional moment that he would “support” him back home and say he would go home.

    Michael replied, “You taught me how to love.”

    The couple hugged several times before Katie took him out.

  • Michael goes home

    Michael told Katie at an emotional moment that she would go home because she needed to take care of her son.

    “I see a lot with us, so it kills me,” Michael told Katie.

    “I didn’t see this coming,” Katie replied.

    “I know that. I’m sorry. If so, I have to leave here,” he said.

    Katie shed tears and replied, “I saw us go to the end.”

  • Michael says not being with his son “breaks him”

    Michael came to see Katie and talked about his conflicting feelings about caring for her son.

    He told the camera that leaving his son “broke him.”

  • Michael stops talking to his son

    In the Men Tell All episode, Michael wept while talking to his little son on the phone.

    “I feel guilty. I feel conflict. I feel selfish,” he said.

    The official single Twitter account tweeted about the conversation. #TheBachelorette tbh “

  • Katie says her “most nervous” about meeting Michael’s parents

    Katie Thurston expressed her tension in the hope of seeing Michael’s parents.

    She told former bachelor Taisia ​​Adams that she knew she would become an “instant mom” by choosing Michael.

  • Excited fan preparation for men tells every episode

    Excited fans are preparing for a special episode of Men Tell All in their bachelor’s degree tonight.

    The bachelor’s degree was tweeted with a photo of a male contestant. #TheBachelorette: The Men Tell All, starting soon with ABC! “

  • How to read “MENTELL ALL” special

    Tonight’s special episode of Bachelorette Season 17 begins now.

    The program can be watched live on ABC. The series can also be streamed on Hulu the next day.

    Viewers can also watch the show on YouTube TV and Discovery +.

  • Relationship with Fan Slam Katie’s brakes

    Earlier this month, single fans blamed Katie Thurston for Blake’s relationship and “feared” another ending for Clare Crawley and Dale Moss.

    After arriving in the middle of the season and rocking things, Blake quickly had a one-on-one date and their romance quickly heated up.

    The duo went on their first date together and got lost in the wilderness of New Mexico with two horses.

    Many fans couldn’t deny their chemistry, but they were afraid that the season seemed to be heading as well as the last bachelor season with Claire and Dale.

  • How many SUITORs are left?

    Single Katie Thurston has not yet selected from four eligible suitors.

    Lucky gentlemen include Michael Allio, Greg Grippo, Blake Moynes and Justin Glaze.

  • Spoiler reveals Greg Grippo’s fate

    A series of spoilers, Reality Steve, revealed Greg’s fate when he entered his hometown as one of Katie Thurston’s last four.

    According to Reality TV King Spoiler, Greg wants to confront Katie. male. “

    In reality Steve calls the battle a “literal meltdown” that goes back and forth for hours.

  • When is the episode of TONIGHT?

    The bachelor’s degree will air tonight at 8 pm ET for 2 hours.

    Tonight’s Season 17 episode is the “Men Tell All” special.

    You can see it on ABC.

  • Teaser ad shows MICHAEL ALLIO considering termination

    In a clip posted on Instagram by the show’s official account, single Katie Thurston wept as Michael Ario was considering quitting.

    On a heartbreaking phone call with his son, one dad is clearly upset and tells the toddler, “I miss you like a crazy companion.”

    I can hear my son saying, “Daddy may not want to see me.”

    Tonight, men will hash their feelings with Katie’s “explosive” Mentel All Special, where she meets her exe.

  • Who will star in the next season of bachelorette?

    The next season will be starring Michelle Young, a former contestant for Matt James’ bachelor’s degree season.

    During James’ season, Michelle was the runner-up to the last rose winner, Rachel Carconel.

    Born June 3, 1993, Young is now 28 years old and works as an elementary school teacher.

    After James’ season was over, she was elected to a new bachelor’s degree alongside Katie Thurston.

  • What happened in last week’s episode?

    In last week’s episode, Katie quickly regretted her choice to eliminate Andrew Spencer.

    Despite chasing a 26-year-old woman at the hotel at the end of the show, Katie was unable to convince the suitor to stay after admitting she was “exiled” by the dismissal.

  • What is the correct reason?

    Fans blame finalist Andrew Spencer Display with “wrong reason” After he previously claimed he wanted to be his next bachelor’s degree.

    In the tweet from 2014, Andrew, 26, wrote with a grin: “Let me be the next bachelor.”

    Social media posts have been frowned upon by fans. As a big theme of 30-year-old Katie, men participated this season for “just cause”.

  • Men tell everything

    Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams are hosting the Men Tell All episode.

    “Tysia and Caitlin can be involved in Katie’s journey in different ways. It will see you play. So they are there to help you in any situation. It was good, “said a source.

    “Tysia was fun and loved to do it. She and Katilin formed a great team.”

Bachelorette Live tonight-Fan favorite Michael Ario shocks Katie Thurston and says she’s leaving to go with her son

Source link Bachelorette Live tonight-Fan favorite Michael Ario shocks Katie Thurston and says she’s leaving to go with her son

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