Australia’s politics live: Labor MP’s polling station hit by speeding car; Fallout Continues Over Morrison’s “Blessed” Comment; 50 Covid deaths registered | Australia Elections 2022

Josh Butler

Back to Wentworth Debate – Sharma andspender are faced with some snooty questions from the good citizens of Wentworth, including why Sharma has not pushed back Liberal right-wing sentiment further and whyspender is “dividing the moderate voices” by not running for another seat .

Sharma defends his record by crediting himself with being “one of those” who have lobbied for more support for renewable energy, crossed the floor against his own party on the religious discrimination bill and pushed for more ambitious climate targets ( although, asspender pointed out, the Liberals still have “Tony Abbott’s goals” an emissions reduction of 26-28% by 2030).

“Those are the things I can do, but I’m also part of a team,” Sharma said:

I have argued in the past and will continue to do so, but more ambitious intermediate targets… I will continue to argue that.

Sharma andspender were both asked if they had solar panels on their house or electric cars. They both said they didn’t have solar panels (Sharma said he lives in a terraced house, making it impossible) andspender said she had a hybrid car.

Paterson addresses the Labor Party’s foreign policy spokeswoman, Penny Wongand Labor leaders, Anton Albanesebecause he criticized the government’s failure to somehow prevent the deal.

He says he doesn’t know if they’ve received any safety briefings on the issue and that they’re “raising very sensitive issues irresponsibly”.

Liberal Senator James Paterson talks about this deal between Solomon Islands and China (he is also Chairman of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security).

He’s on ABC and host Greg Jennett asks him when he knew about the deal. He says he only knew when it became public, but knew about China’s intentions in the region before then. He says:

We’ve known for some time that China is looking to expand its presence in the region… it came as no surprise and we found out about the deal when it became public.

There is no doubt that it is a very serious challenge to our regional security.

We have experts to observe and analyze United Australia PartyCampaign display of so you don’t have to (unless you want to, like 15 million other people):

The accompanying press release didn’t mention the NRL in the headline with capital letters (DOLPHINS RECEIVE $15 MILLION FOR NEW COMMUNITY FACILITY) and I envisioned the cheeky mammals frolicking in a beautiful playground under the sea:

A re-elected Morrison government will provide $15 million to build a new center of excellence for the NRL’s newest team, the Dolphins, based in Redcliffe #votes

— Political Alert (@political_alert) April 21, 2022

Dave Sharma calls Deve’s comments on trans people ‘reprehensible’

Josh Butler

Back in the Wentworth debate, Sharma called out the Liberal Warringah candidate’s comments Catherine Deves to trans people “reprehensible”:

[They] should be condemned and withdrawn, and I am glad that she has withdrawn them.

The Wentworth MP also said he did not support it Save Women’s Sport Bill. by the Liberal Senator Claire Chandlerand would not support it if it came to a vote.

Earlier, the PM, Scott Morrisonsaid he contacted Deves today to “encourage” her and said her advocacy to bar trans women from playing in women’s sports “resonates a lot with Australians who just want common sense to be applied”.

Josh Butler

Sky News is broadcasting a debate between the Liberals Wentworth MP David Sharma and independent Allegra dispenser. The very first question is which party donors would support in the event of a deadlock in parliament (which seems a little more likely according to recent opinion polls).

spender said she is “open to working with either side of government” and said she will “legislate and vote based on what is important to this community”.

Sky host Kieran Gilbert pointed out that there had never been a Labor Member for Wentworth and that Labor Party politics were closer than that coalition onspender’s own policy -spender said she would work “issue by issue” in the event of a deadlocked parliament.

But Sharma hit back, urging donors to explain ahead of the election who they could support:

I think you’re being dishonest to them… You owe it to the public.

We have [policies]you can sit down and decide which ones you want to support.

That Anzac Day morning service on Sydney is expected to draw 10,000 people, reports AAP.

It is the first in two years without Covid restrictions. NSW Minister for Veterans Affairs David Eliot said it was also the first since the 80th anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin80 years since Kokoda campaign50 years since leaving Vietnamand the first since the withdrawal of Australian troops Afghanistan.

Eliot said:

Many of the contemporary veterans feel a little vulnerable because of the situation in Afghanistan.

I would expect you to see an increased number of younger veterans and their families.

A member of the Catafalque party stands vigil at the Coogee morning service on April 25, 2021 in Sydney. Photo: Brook Mitchell/Getty Images

The discussion about climate change has been remarkably hushed up in this campaign so far. Adam Morton is here to turn up the heat with the latest temperature check:

About this crash we already mentioned:

I talked to @terrimbutler this afternoon after a car crashed through the front of their polling office in Brisbane. Staff were present at the time, but fortunately no one was injured. @QldPolice and @AusFedPolice support, investigations are ongoing.

— Anthony Albanese (@AlboMP) April 21, 2022

‘Failure of Australian government policy’: retired admiral on China-Solomon Pact

Royce Kurmelovs

Australia needs a clear policy on climate change if it is to rebuild relations with Australia Solomon Islandsretired admiral Chris Barri said Thursday.

Speaking to reporters after a fuel security conference, Barrie said Australia “jokes” about its relationship with its Pacific neighbor. Barrie said:

We must pull ourselves together and be good friends with Pacific countries like the Solomon Islands. That means a turnaround in climate policy, to be honest.

Because they look at what we’re doing on climate change and they’re like, ‘Where are you? When we face the loss of our country, the loss of our identity, the loss of our culture, do you call that part of the family? I’m sorry, it doesn’t work.’

The Solomon Islands government co-signed a new security pact china on Wednesday in what has been described as “the worst failure in Australia’s foreign policy” since Second World War.

Describing the moment as a “failure of Australian government policy”, Barrie pointed out that the appointment of former politicians to diplomatic posts rather than trained diplomats was a contributing factor.

The independent MP also spoke at the conference Zali Steggall and Allegra dispensera Sydney-based businesswoman running as an independent at the seat of Wentworth.

Chris Barrie, Allegraspender, Zali Steggall and Kylea Tink
(LR) Former Chief of Defense Forces and retired Admiral Chris Barrie; the independent candidate for Wentworth, Allegraspender; Confederation Member for Warringah, Zali Steggall; and North Sydney independent nominee Kylea Tink. Photo: Bianca de Marchi/AAP

Steggall said the issue of fuel security is “incredibly important” given the geopolitical conflicts. Ukraine and “even here in our Pacific backyard,” but accused the government of “fake net-zero commitments.” She said:

We know the government is absolutely betting and relying on oil and gas. We only have a handful of the day’s supply and are incredibly exposed – over 90% of our fuel is imported.

The only way we can reach [fuel security] is through the electrification of our fuel and transportation. We can do this because we are the most productive continent in the world when it comes to sun and wind.

Steggall said she will work to get the new parliament to pass a plan to cut emissions by 60% by 2030:

We talk a lot about the cost of living in this election, but let’s face it. The cost of living is directly affected by global warming events.

Food, fuel, insurance costs, business disruption, all are affected by events like the East Coast floods.

Measures to combat climate change are not “nice to have”.

the treasurer, Josh Friedenberg, was in there too Bennelong today with the liberal election candidate, Simon Kennedy.

Ah, Bennelong. The Liberal MP and tennis legend John Alexander sticks his balls away (that’s a tennis reference) after representing the seat for more than a decade. It’s considered fairly safe Liberal territory since Alexander won it from Labour Maxine McKew in 2010.

McKew famously lifted the seat from the former prime minister John Howard in 2007.

How do I know all this? I started with our excellent Seat Explorer:

I wonder if the advance team had Labor leaders on purpose Anton Albanese Walk past signs saying rats, vaccines and booster shots are available:

Luke Henriques Gomes has gone beyond the headlines about the prime minister Scott Morrison‘s “blessed” response to Catherine, whose son Ethan is autistic, to systemic errors in the NDIS:

I love good graphics until they scare me:

Attention confrontation!

National annual death toll from conditions (lines):
Blue: traffic trauma
Pink: suicide
Yellow: breast cancer
Orange: lung cancer

Blue is the estimate of the 7-day moving average for COVID

— Prof. Marc Tennant AM (@MarcTennant) April 21, 2022

Tory Shepherd

Thanks very much, Amy Remeikis, and thank you all in advance for the gentle treatment. I woke up at 2am because I had accidentally mixed up “Albanese” and “Morrison” somewhere along the way. Didn’t feel blessed.

Amy Remeikis

Amy Remeikis

Tory Shepherd guides you through the late afternoon and evening. Be gentle – she’s still recovering from last night’s debate coverage.

Make sure to keep checking back for updates and stories from the Guardian crew. I’ll be back in the morning – please take care.

Just getting back to the New Zealand Prime Minister – she’s in Japan right now, where New Zealand is being honored with a live musical performance featuring dancing kiwis.

Australia’s politics live: Labor MP’s polling station hit by speeding car; Fallout Continues Over Morrison’s “Blessed” Comment; 50 Covid deaths registered | Australia Elections 2022

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