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‘Mood for change’: Kevin Rudd launches Labor campaign rally in Brisbane

Josh Butler

work Brisbane Election campaign rally has started playing the party’s own montage tick tock Videos on a big screen.

A few jokes about it war of stars and viral video memes aren’t the most traditional way to spice up an election rally, but hundreds of red shirts work Supporters seemed to soak it up.

It came after a live DJ played a crowd of upbeat dance and disco music at the front of the room. “DJ alb‘ and his normal ’80s dad rock playlist somehow didn’t make it.

former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd kicked off the event with a “I’ve been everywhere man” list of the places he’d been during the campaign — and roared, “You can feel it across our nation today, there’s a mood for change.”

Kevin Rudd warms up the crowd at the Labor rally in Brisbane. Photo: Lukas Coch/AAP

“The people of Australia I want to kick this mob out,” Rudd said, echoing the celebrity News Corp Front page ‘Kick This Mob Out’ on the eve of the 2013 campaign urging readers to vote out Rudd’s Labour.

If you can’t quite remember events from long-gone election campaigns, here’s a helpful refresher:

Guardian Australia political reporter Josh Butler joined work campaign bus and is in Brisbane where the opposition is holding a campaign rally.

We’ll bring you updates as they come.

Kevin Rudd is first in Labor rally. He criticizes the coalition and says: “The people of Australia want to kick out this mob.”

If this sounds familiar, think back to 2013…

— Josh Butler (@JoshButler) May 15, 2022

Queensland records two Covid deaths

Two people with Covid-19 died overnight Queensland. The state recorded 4,812 new cases as of Sunday, with 417 people hospitalized, 17 in intensive care and two on ventilators.

Bandt says he has spent time in coal communities Queensland and NSW with a clear message “Coal and gas workers are not the enemy”.

“A coal miner said to me in New South Wales, look, the worst kept secret around here is that coal has an expiration date,” he said.

“The problem is everyone else, liberal, workkeep saying: “We can open coal mines by 2050 and achieve climate targets, we can’t”.

“Workers and communities know it. For this they are looking for an honest discussion and a plan.”

Leader of the Greens Adam Bandt previously spoke to the ABC, where he discussed the future of the Greens and the independents, who could end up winners in a fractured political landscape if they hold the balance of power.

Bandt makes it clear what the Greens want: “It’s time to kick out this terrible government. They have been in power for years, they have made housing more expensive and they have not responded to the climate crisis.”

“We’re a real shot at sitting in the House of Commons, downtown Brisbanein northern NSW and here in Melbourne, including in McNamara. We’re campaigning very hard for some seats that independents walk in with a shot.

“As you say, there’s a chance these seeds will knock off some Liberal members. We commend these independent preferences.”

“Elsewhere we recommend Labor preferences because you want to see a change of government. I think a strong crossbench with a climate focus would bring the action this country needs.”

Anthony Albanese about to speak at a Labor campaign rally in Brisbane. They play a montage of videos from Labour’s TikTok as pre-game entertainment to liven up the room

— Josh Butler (@JoshButler) May 15, 2022

Josh Butler

Anton Albanese is expected to use his Brisbane Campaign event to further elaborate on today’s $1 billion advanced manufacturing announcement.

part of work 15 billion dollars National Recovery FundThe latest block of funding is said to be “to rebuild our industrial base by creating new capabilities and opportunities for innovation in transportation, defense, resources, agriculture and food processing, medicine, renewable energy and low-emission technology manufacturing.”

The announcement was somewhat sparse in detail and specifics about what the money would be used for – perhaps partly explained by the accompanying pledge that Labor would hold “widespread consultations” with unions, state governments, local communities and other bodies to bring projects to fruition identify cash worth. A main focus will be on the “sovereign ability” for “Essentials”.

“The work plan will give companies access to capital to diversify operations and industrial processes and leverage research and development to move up the technological ladder,” Albanese’s announcement said.

“Serious countries should do things. Serious countries can stand on their own two feet when it comes to producing basic necessities.”

Josh Butler

After appearing on ABC’s Insiders, Anton Albanese will lead a Labor campaign rally Brisbane this morning.

The opposition has their eyes fixed hungrily on the Brisbane-held seat coalition deputy minister Trevor Evans with a margin of 4.9%.

The Queensland Premier will also attend the rally Annastacia Palaszczukformer prime minister Kevin Ruddformer Treasurer and ALP President wayne swan and numerous Labor front benchers from the Sunshine State.

Billing is also based on the lineup Madonna JarrettLabor candidate for Brisbane – a clear sign that the ALP has high hopes for this seat next Saturday.

The rally will also be held in Brisbane today against the launch of the coalition’s campaign – literally across from the city’s famous river, affectionately known as the ‘brown snake’.

Albanese is unlikely to hold a press conference today and is said to be on his way perth this afternoon.

Record number of Australians voting early

Australian are going to the 2022 federal election early in record numbers, many say they are “tired” of the lengthy election campaign and want to avoid the expected queues on May 21st.

Around 314,095 Australians cast their ballots on the first day of early voting this year, nearly three times the number of 120,000 people who voted on the first day of primary voting in 2019.

As of Friday, more than 1.2 million of the 17 million Australians registered to vote had already held a pre-election after just four days of early voting.

The securely held by Nationals seat of hinkler topped the list of 18,060 early voters, followed by the marginal seats of Gilmore (16,902), Paterson (16.271) and Richmond (15.111), according to the published Australian Electoral Commission.

No new Covid deaths recorded in ACT

Six people with Covid-19 are in intensive care PLOT. The area recorded 885 new cases as of Sunday, with 75 hospitalized and two on ventilators.

ACT COVID-19 Update – May 15, 2022
💉 COVID-19 vaccinations
◾ 5-11 years (1 dose): 80.6%
◾ 5-11 years (2 doses): 66.6%
◾ From 5 years (2 doses): 97.1%
◾ From 16 years (3 doses): 75.8%

— ACT Health (@ACTHealth) May 15, 2022

🦠 COVID-19 case numbers
◾ New cases today: 885 (451 PCR and 434 RAT)
◾ Active cases: 6,472 (3,394 PCR and 3,078 RAT)
◾ Total cases: 118,728 (73,123 PCR and 45,605 RAT)

— ACT Health (@ACTHealth) May 15, 2022

Melissa Davey

Melissa Davey

Samantha Hodgson met all the criteria for a possible heart attack: “A sharp, stabbing pain that started in my shoulders and spread down my chest and rib cage. I was dizzy and the pain had escalated over 24 hours to the point that it was painful to breathe.”

Hodgson was also on the ninth day of being infected with Covid-19 and by the time the chest pains started she was feeling better. According to health guidelines, she needed an ambulance because of a suspected heart attack.

But if Hodgson who lives in Potts point in Sydney, rang triple zero, the operator said to her: “You could wait a while, we don’t know how long it will be”. In too much pain to walk far, she put on two masks and called an Uber to take her to the nearest public hospital.

When she arrived she was told to wait outside in the rain because she had Covid.

“I was sitting under a small tarp next to a parking lot outside of an emergency,” Hodgson said. “I stayed out there for at least two hours. I can’t remember exactly how I got so upset.”

For the full story of how the pandemic is exposing the cracks Australia healthcare system, Cash Medical Editor of Guardian Australia Melissa Daveys weekend function.

Australian Election 2022 Live: Albanese Headlines Brisbane Rally; Morrison prepares for campaign launch | Australia Elections 2022

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