“Australian are very skeptical”: Michael Kirby warns against “excessive protection” of religious freedom | Religion

Former High Court judge Michael Kirby warned against “excessive protection” of religious freedom, which could undermine the rights of non-believers and minorities. According to reports, 70% of Australians say that religion is not personally important to them.

In an interview with Guardian Australia before the publication of a study of a new rational society showing the long-term decline of Australian religion, the British Church agreed to become a social patron to support Australian secularism. Kirby also defended A personal expression of Scott Morrison’s religious beliefs..

The report will be released when Attorney General Michaelia Cash resumes discussions on the law and face of the coalition’s deadlocked religious freedom. New call Religious Freedom The lobby group passes a religious freedom bill.

Kirby states that his upbringing in the Anglican Parish is “not much different from Morrison’s Pentecostal tradition.”

During April Guardian Australia revealed Morrison said at a national conference of the Christian Church that he was asked to work as God and practiced the evangelical tradition of “laying on of hands” while acting as prime minister.

Kirby “understands[s] When Morrison and Pentecostal citizens talk about the work of God, it is “consistent with the notion revealed in the survey that the majority of Australia are not people with strong religious beliefs.”

According to a survey by the Rationalist Society, 60% of Australians showed a religion affiliation in the 2016 census, but either Australians “belong” to religious groups or religion is “personally important” When asked if, religion is much lower.

The report gathered questions about religion in the Australian National University’s Australian Election Survey, Social Survey, and Values ​​Survey, revealing that the majority of Australians (62%) do not belong to religious groups.

This includes 24% of Catholics, 44% of Anglican churches, 27% of minor Christian denominations, and 45% of non-Christian denominations.

In addition, 48% of Catholics, 44% of Anglican churches, 27% of minor Christian denominations, and 30% of non-Christian denominations report that they are inactive members. .. Only 15% of Australians say they are active members of religious groups.

Neil Francis, a Fellow of the Rationalist Society, reports that 7 out of 10 Australians (71%), including about half of Catholics (49%) and non-Christian denominations (48%). He states that religion is not personally important. (64%) Anglican, and 39% minor Christian denominations.

Most Australians (74% -82%) oppose religious schools that have the legal right to drop students or dismiss staff based on their sexual orientation or relationships. understood.

Francis said it went wrong to claim that religion had a significant impact on election results. Australian election survey data clearly show that “some Christians gave workers their first priority in the 2019 election,” but the report shows that religious people are becoming more economically conservative. Given that, he argued that he may have been confused by the tax policy of the workers.

The report “shows that our community’s claim to the protection of religious freedom, which is not currently recognized, is inaccurate,” Kirby said.

“Most people in Australia are not particularly religious … Australians are legally protected to protect religious groups and their members at the expense of respect for human dignity and the fundamental rights of others. I have confirmed the impression that I am very skeptical of it, “he said.

Mr. Kirby said that the right to practice religion must be given in a way that respects the rights of others in the community, including the rights of non-believers and minorities who may be hostile or prejudiced by religious people. It must not be. “

Former Attorney General, Christian Porter, Announced Second Draft of Religious Freedom Law in December 2019, But the package was put on the back burner for Lack of extensive community support – Even among Christian groups – and the Covid crisis.

Freedom for Faith, a legal religious thought tank from Friday to Sunday, We are holding a “Weekend of Freedom of Religion” We pray faithfully for religious freedom and contact parliamentarians to encourage them to pass the bill.

In a letter to parliamentarians, religious freedom “was disappointed that no bill had been submitted to parliament two years after the Morrison government’s promise to protect religious freedom, at least to some extent.”

“We understand the impact of a pandemic, but we want Congress to prioritize it,” he said.

The second bill, which has not yet been submitted to parliament, generally prohibits discrimination based on religion, but the religious institutions themselves provide greater freedom to do so.

For example, accommodation providers such as religious hospitals, geriatric care facilities, and retirement homes can discriminate against staff based on religion in order to maintain the “religious spirit” of the facility.

The proposed law requires employees to express their religious views outside of work unless the employer can show that their business needs to prevent “unjustified financial difficulties.” It will ban businesses that earn more than $ 50 million from setting prevention policies.

The bill does not constitute discrimination under state law in expressing religious beliefs, but “angers, insults, and humiliates people based on gender, race, age, sexual orientation, disability, and state of relationship. Declares to effectively revoke Tasmania’s protection against “give” speech.

Before the 2019 election Morrison vowed to prevent schools from expelling students as gay. Reform failed The coalition refused to agree to the labor and green plans To protect LGBTI students from discrimination unless the current legal exemption replaces other protections for religious freedom.

“Australian are very skeptical”: Michael Kirby warns against “excessive protection” of religious freedom | Religion

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