Australia has reached 95% initial vaccination rates, but Covid deaths continue to increase | Australian politics

Health Minister Greg Hunt states that Australia has reached an initial vaccination rate of 95% for Australians over the age of 16, but the outbreak of Omicron has occurred. New South Wales, Victoria and ACT are approaching their peak.

Victoria recorded 23 Covid deaths and 25,526 new cases on Saturday, and New South Wales reported 20 deaths and an additional 48,768 new infections. There were 2,576 Covids in the New South Wales hospital, and 193 were in the intensive care unit. Victoria There were 1,054 in the sick hospital and 115 in the ICU.

In Queensland, six Covid deaths, including those in their twenties, and 19,709 new cases have been reported as domestic travelers no longer need to present evidence of a negative Covid test as of 1:00 am on Saturday. it was done.

ACT recorded 1,320 new Covid cases, 30 were hospitalized and 3 were in the intensive care unit. Tasmania We reported 1,139 new cases of Covid’s coronavirus in 22 hospitals, including one in the intensive care unit.

Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said there are signs that Omicron outbreaks are approaching peaks in New South Wales, Victoria, and ACT.

“All predictions, and now, especially in New South Wales as well as in Victoria and ACT, make me believe that the actual predictions based on the actual number of cases are close to the peak of this wave for cases,” he said. Told.

However, he said the actual number of cases was probably higher than reported due to pressure on the testing system.

He said Western Australia is “another story” because its borders are closed.

Craig Kelly speaks with participants in the “Voices 4 the Kids” protest in Sydney. Photo: Flavio Brancaleone / AAP

“When they start to have an incident, it will happen later,” he said. “But in most of the rest of Australia, we’re still on the uptrend, which can be stagnant, and then the downtrend in cases.”

Hunt said the 95% initial vaccination rate is “often referred to as the complete vaccination level, but we want to go further.”

The double dose rate for Australians over the age of 12 is 92.5%, with 255,000 children aged 5 to 11 receiving their first dose after qualifying on Monday.

According to Hunt, 4.86 million Australians received boosters, and the pace of intake was faster than the first and second doses.

The decision on the Novavax Covid vaccine, which is not yet available in Australia, was expected by the Therapeutic Goods Department “within the next 10 days,” Hunt said.

Asked if Australia would deploy a second booster shot at any stage, Hunt said the government was following medical advice and monitoring booster programs in other countries.

Kelly said the Australian Immunotechnology Advisory Group (Atagi) had discussed the fourth and subsequent doses and discussed with the Israeli Ministry of Health this week about the deployment of a second booster shot.

He said Israel’s latest booster program is currently targeting groups and health care workers at high risk of serious illness, including people over the age of 60 and people with chronic illness.

“They started from that, they are still evaluating the program, and they promised to share that rating with us in the coming weeks,” he said. “It’s very useful.”

There was a high police presence outside Canberra’s Old Parliament House on Saturday after protesters of “Sovereign Citizens” said they would “take the Old Parliament House.”

A social media video showed people preparing for a protest in a park in Canberra’s city center, with a speech to dozens of audiences.

“Did you notice it’s raining … and the sun came out? Because we’re on the right side of history and working as God,” one speaker told the crowd.

Mainly police Cleaned up the protesters’ camp from the park On the other side of the current museum on Friday, the group said they were camping illegally on federal land.

Palmer United leader Craig Kelly Disseminate “misleading” vaccine informationWas seen in a “Voices 4 the Kids” protest against vaccination policy at Prince Alfred Park in Sydney.

Australia has reached 95% initial vaccination rates, but Covid deaths continue to increase | Australian politics

Source link Australia has reached 95% initial vaccination rates, but Covid deaths continue to increase | Australian politics

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