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Philipp Romers, Head of Exterior Design, repeats these comments.

“We are planning a D-segment electric vehicle in the next few years, so it may be reflected in the series production model as well as some details and lines. Audi has nothing to do with series production. It’s not just about developing an isolated show car. “

The “grand” part of the name stands for luxury and scale. It is considered richer and larger than the unpublished Sky Sphere and Urban Sphere.

Even Grand Sphere is not completely unwrapped, as the image quality shows. The big moment is reserved for the 2021 Munich Motor Show in September.

Not much is said about the drivetrain, but to make sure it’s electric. The platform is a “Premium Platform Electric” PPE created by the VW Group for Audi and Porsche. The first PPE vehicles will be the electric version of the Audi Q5 and Porsche Macan medium sports utilities, which will be launched in 2022.

In media material, Audi designers force how Grand Sphere represents changes in car design. This moves from the relatively small cabin space and large overhangs of traditional cars to a much more spacious interior thanks to the short overhangs made possible by the new electrical infrastructure. ..

Audi’s spectacular design — Motoringnz

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