Attacked by a relationship with her daughter’s “ex-boyfriend”

BARRIE Drewitt made headlines many times because he was half of the first homosexual couple listed on the birth certificate as parents of twins Saffron and Aspen.

Then, a few years later, in 2019, he headlined again when he announced: He and his husband Tony broke up, Because he fell into another man-daughter Saffron’s boyfriend.


Before Barry and Scott were together, he was “dating” with Barry’s daughter Saffron.Credit: Really
Barry (50) and Scott (27) appear in the show My Extraordinary Family


Barry (50) and Scott (27) appear in the show My Extraordinary FamilyCredit: The Sun

Today, 50-year-old Barry is pioneering her life with her 27-year-old partner Scott and her baby Valentina on the show “My Extraordinary Family.”

The six fathers said: “Many people find it strange to go out with their daughter.

“I see keyboard warriors. I see the kind of things they are writing. But I love it! Bring it!”

Barry lives with all six children, partner Scott and ex-husband Tony, and new partner Brent.

Regarding their first encounter, Barry said: “The moment I met Scott, I was definitely attracted to him, which means he’s just gorgeous.

“I just wanted to strip him off and put him in bed right away.”

Scott said: “I was still heterosexual, so I couldn’t immediately feel the charm.

“My sexuality, I was straight, but then I don’t label myself. I like what I like.”

But their first encounter was with their boyfriend and girlfriend’s dad, not as two potential partners.

Barry said: “When Scott first came out, he didn’t want to announce to all that his parents and himself were gay.

“So, between him and Saffron, they came up with this plan to say that Saffron is actually his girlfriend, but it wasn’t.

“He was literally looking at me. It kept our relationship secret.”

“I have never actually dated Scott. He was my best friend,” said 22-year-old Saffron.

But Barry would still be keen on getting things done, whether fake or not.

He said: “Even if he was my daughter’s boyfriend, I still don’t bother him.

“They shouldn’t have any problems with that. If they’re done, if I want him, he’s mine. That’s it.”

Barry and Tony holding twins Saffron and Aspen in 1999


Barry and Tony holding twins Saffron and Aspen in 1999Credit: Rex

Millions of people recall photos of Barry and Tony hugging their one-week-old twins Saffron and Aspen, who were born in 1999 as surrogate mothers in California. As a parent.

The former couple, who became millionaires from venture companies such as surrogacy across the Atlantic and global medical research companies, became citizen partners in 2006 and soon after being legalized in the UK in 2014. got married.

Saffron and her brother Aspen were conceived using a donor egg from a woman, Tracy McCune, and carried to the womb of her surrogate mother Rosalind Bellamy.

Born in Manchester, Barry is one real father and Tony is the other. Therefore, they are actually half-brothers born at the same time.

However, Aspen has identical twins — Orlando, 17 years old. This is because the embryo from which Aspen was born was split in two in the laboratory.

The other half was placed on ice for four years before being carried for Barry and Tony in the womb of a Japanese woman called Donna.

Barry and Tony also have a second set of twins, Dallas and Jasper, born 11 years ago after Donna replaced him again.

This egg was from a Brazilian model that Barry found on the catwalk and paid £ 35,000.

Barry, Scott and baby daughter Valentina


Barry, Scott and baby daughter ValentinaCredit: donbarrie / Instagram
The whole family lives together in one fun house


The whole family lives together in one fun houseCredit: Really

Earlier, Saffron revealed what she had After Troll said she had flat boobs, she spent $ 100,000 on surgery, now her dad wants to get her more.

And sHe admitted that if she had less than $ 1 million in the bank, she would cry.

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Attacked by a relationship with her daughter’s “ex-boyfriend”

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