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VIRUS OUTBREAK-SPAIN-PANDEMIC HOSPITAL — The emergency hospital, once considered a luxury vain project by many, as the Spanish public health system is once again at stake due to the surge in coronavirus infections. We have a new opportunity to prove its usefulness. The Nurse Isabel Zendal Hospital in Madrid was built in 100 days at a cost of $ 157 million, more than double the original budget. After Christmas and New Year, Zendal became busy as the infectious curve became more and more vertical. Critics say the local conservative government should have spent money on strengthening the public health system instead. By Aritz Parra. Future plans: 1,030 words, photos by 5 am.



BIDEN-IMMIGRATION — President-elect Joe Biden plans to announce a radical immigration bill on the first day of his administration, giving an estimated 11 million people living in the United States without legal status eight years to citizenship. I hope to provide a way. From the Trump administration’s strict immigration policy. By Lisa Mascaro and Bill Burrow. Send: 540 words, photo.

Biden-High Expectations — Biden evoked Franklin Delano Roosevelt by promising an invisible reconstruction of America since the New Deal. Can you live up to Biden’s great expectations? By Will Weissert. Send: 1,250 words, photo. With BIDEN-GREATEX PECTATIONS-LIST.

BIDEN-CABINET-NATIONAL SECURITY — Biden’s candidates, who lead the Department of State, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and intelligence agencies, face a series of confirmation hearings. It is unlikely that Biden will be confirmed by the time he takes the oath of office. Robert Burns, Lolita C. Bardor, Matthew Lee. Send: 820 words, photo. Future: 950 words after the hearing started at 10 am. See also the Yellen confirmation hearing below.

BIDEN-INAUGURATION-ROBERTS — One day John Roberts will swear to the new president who does not want anyone else to be the Chief Justice of the United States. Wednesday is not that day. By Mark Sharman. Send: 800 words, photo. At BIDEN-INAUGURATION-SECURITY — The US Capitol Complex will be temporarily closed. Biden-Inauguration — Biden, Kamala Harris joins Martin Luther King, Jr.’s day service. Inauguration-African Americans — Harris will speak at an event celebrating African Americans. Sent: 450 words, photo.The event starts at 8 pm

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VIRUS OUTBREAK-VARIANTS — The fight against the virus that causes COVID-19 is taking a new direction. Mutations are occurring rapidly and the longer it takes to vaccinate people, the more likely it is to be a variant that can circumvent current tests. Treatments and vaccines may emerge. By Chief Medical Writer Marilyn Marchione. Send: 990 words, photo.

Dubai-Sick in Party Town — Mask as soon as you get inside. Bars are packed and pulsing like in 2019. A social media star is shaking a bottle of champagne. DJs who spin party songs enjoy a few hours of brunch. Dubai has established itself as an ideal pandemic vacation spot since becoming one of the world’s first open destinations for tourism. According to analysts, the virus shakes the economic foundations of city-states and can’t afford anything else. By Isabel Debre. Send: 1,040 words, photo.


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KASHMIR-TOURISM-PHOTO-GALLERY — Snow fills Kashmir Resort with tourists again. Sent: 250 words, photo.

Car thief returns child — Police: An Oregon thief accuses his mother of leaving a child in a car he stole. Send: 230 words.

Thailand-Royal-Insult — A Thai court sentenced him to a record 43-year sentence for insulting the king. Send: 760 words, photo.

Multiple shootings — A series of shootings in the Pocono Mountains community injured four people. Send: 220 words, photo.

TOLEDO OFFICER KILLED — Ohio police officers were killed in armed standoffs with men. Sent: 270 words.

PAKISTAN-MISSING-CLIMBER — A Russian-American mountaineer was found dead in a mountain in Pakistan. Sent: 260 words.

Mexico-Violence — A rural conflict in southern Mexico killed 12 people and dumped them on the road. Send: 80 words.


Details of virus outbreak


VIRUS OUTBREAK-HOSPITAL CHAPLAINS — The rigorous task of providing comfort in a hospital room throughout the United States where the sick is comforted alone without a family is overworked and emotionally exhausted, dealing with more deaths than ever before. It is entrusted to the pastor of the hospital. Send: 910 words, photos, videos.

VIRUS-OUTBREAK-ASIA — China is addressing a coronavirus outbreak in the frigid northeast and is urging additional blockades and travel bans ahead of next month’s Chinese New Year holidays. Send: 380 words, photo. Use VIRUS-OUTBREAK-THE-LATEST.

VIRUS-OUTBREAK-GERMANY — Prime Minister Angela Merkel in 16 German states to discuss German pandemic countermeasures amid concerns that new mutations in the coronavirus could lead to a new surge in cases. We are holding a virtual meeting with the Governor. Sent: 290 words, photo.

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Yellen-Confirmation Hearing — Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is calling on Congress to do more to combat the severe recession caused by the pandemic. He says the threat of a longer and worse recession is too great to reduce current support. By Martin Crutsinger. Send: 400 words, photo. Future: 700 words after the 10 am hearing.



Afghanistan-Children — Approximately 10 million children in war-torn Afghanistan are at risk of not having enough food to eat in 2021, humanitarian organizations say, billions of new aid funds I called for. Sent: 600 words, photo.

Indonesia-Earthquake — Relief workers are working to clean up the rubble of collapsed buildings on an Indonesian island where thousands of people have lost their homes in a deadly earthquake. Send: 480 words, photo.

Iranian Drill — Iranian troops will begin training ground forces along the coast of the Gulf of Oman, state television reported. It is the latest in a series of snap exercises by Iran amid growing tensions over the nuclear program and the Washington pressure campaign. Tehran. Send: 370 words, photo.

Argentina-Chile-Earthquake — Just before midnight, a major earthquake struck northwestern Argentina near the border with central Chile, shaking people in parts of both countries. Send: 200 words.

Financial Markets — The change of security guards in the United States has raised stocks in Asia, raising expectations for more economic support and more aggressive steps to combat the pandemic. By business writer Elaine Kurtenbach. Sent: 600 words, photo.

Australian Open — Australian Open officials have ruled out changes to the men’s singles best five set format at the opening tennis majors of the season. This is because three more COVID-19 cases (two of which are players) were reported on arrivals from abroad. For tournaments. By sports writer Dennis Passa. Send: 820 words, photo.

METS-GM-EXPLICIT-TEXTS — New York Mets General Manager Jared Porter sent uninvited graphic messages and images to a female reporter working at the Chicago Cubs front office in 2016, ESPN reports. It was. Send: 750 words, photo.



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Associated Press Digest 3:15 AM Police News Hearing Joe Biden AP

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