Ashley Cain’s girlfriend Safiya sees an “A” in the clouds in honor of Azilia

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Ashley CainSafiya Volazy paid tribute to her after seeing the letter “A” in the clouds a few days after her daughter Azilia died.

The· Eight months old died tragically last month After the fight against rare and aggressive leukemia.

After her death, Safiya was amazed at how beautiful the sky looked and received this as a message from her little girl.

In a series of videos on her Instagram page, she shared the footage with her fans and explained: this is…

“We are sitting in the living room, and literally about 15 minutes later, look at this. Well done baby girl. I know you are listening to me, you are beautiful everywhere I love you, princess.

“I was outside and literally looking up at the sky. Within minutes, look at it.

Safiyya shared a video on her Instagram story (Photo: Instagram)

“No one will ever [have] I knew it would have happened. I love you baby. ‘

Safiyya later pointed out that there was a cloud-shaped “A” by the fans, revealing that he replied: Thank you for sharing.Letter A. Azilia Your incredible [sic].. “

Ashley and Safiya lost their baby Azilia in April, months after the fight against leukemia.

Fans and celebrities paid homage to the child, and the family provided up-to-date information on her condition throughout her illness on social media.

X on the beach star Ashley opened about grief for his daughterHe explained that the pain he felt “consumed his whole body.”

“Now it’s taking everything I have to start every day,” he told fans. The pain of not being able to see my little girl is consuming my whole body.

“So I put on the new running trainers that Azilia bought after she got the Angle Wings this afternoon. I got them in orange to represent her fight with Azilia.

“For days I wondered when I would have the power to wear them and hit the road. The truth is, I don’t feel strong, I feel far from it. But times of weakness Then I started thinking … “What does Azilia do?”

“She will be strong, courageous, stand up and do what she needs,” he added. “She deliberately overcame all challenges without hesitation.

“That’s exactly what I’m trying to do! I don’t think the pain will go away and things won’t get easier, but we’ll get stronger.”

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Ashley Cain's girlfriend Safiya sees an "A" in the clouds in honor of Azilia

Source link Ashley Cain's girlfriend Safiya sees an "A" in the clouds in honor of Azilia

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