Aon releases Q1 2022 financial results

Among the highlights of its most recent marketing statement, Aon reported that its Commercial Risk Solutions arm saw annual revenue growth of 5%, to $ 1.72 billion compared. with $ 1.64 billion by Q1 2021. The company’s revenue growth of 9% reflects growth in each major country, the company said, as led by strong hold, new business generation, and new library management.

“The strength of the retail industry was reflected in double -digit growth in the U.S., Canada, Asia, and the Pacific, led by continued strength in strong P&C, and strong growth in construction and project -related activities, ”Aon said. his business words. “The results show strong global growth in the relationship between consumers and the business community, as well as growth in travel and events. On average globally, more. better advertising and pricing, resulting in a better market effect.

However, Reinsurance Solutions saw revenue growth of 6%, standing at $ 976 million in Q1 2022 and revenue growth of 7%, indicating the The growth of the alliance will be led by strong commitment and continued innovation in the industry. the introduction of advice and the growth of double digits in the stock markets.

Aon Health Solutions revenue increased 4% annually to $ 638 million, with revenue growth of 8% indicating strong global growth in the healthcare industry. and benefits, guided by strong commitment and navigation to the new library.

However, Aon’s Wealth Solutions saw a year -on -year decline of $ 345 million, down 3% in Q1 2021 with natural income growth. Growth in retirement has been flat, Aon said, led by slow growth in the core sector of the industry, offset by low levels of project -related activities.

Announcing the company’s results, CEO Greg Case noted that Aon’s company has provided strong financial results with 8%organic revenue growth, increasing its margin. 60 principals to 38.0%, and EPS growth of 13%.

“Our work demonstrates that increasing global volatility has further strengthened the relevance of our Aon United strategy,” he said. “In the face of increasing complexity and uncertainty, our partners will continue to use the advanced data and core technology of our Aon Business Services platform to identify areas of inadequacy. , improving service standards, and speeding up the delivery of new solutions to give customers the understanding and confidence they need to maintain and grow their business. “

Aon releases Q1 2022 financial results

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