An independent group has announced advice on gun issues |

Police Minister Poto Williams has announced members of the Ministerial Weapons Advisory Group, which was established to ensure balanced advice to the government on firearms independent of the police.

“The Minister’s Weapons Advisory Group is committed to ensuring that we maintain a balance that keeps our community safe while allowing our community to use guns safely for legitimate purposes. Is an important part of achieving this, “says Poto Williams.

“The establishment of this group was made possible by a law passed last year to strengthen the control of weapons law and the realization of its intent.

“The group provides advice on firearms issues and provides different perspectives on how activities affect license holders and our community.”

The Group is urged to provide advice on firearm-related issues such as legislation, policies to regulate the firearms system, and promotion of firearm safety. It must produce an annual report of its procedures and operations.

The group has both gun-owning and non-gun-owning members, and includes people with knowledge and experience in the required subject areas:

  • Gun control system
  • Public health and safety
  • Gun research
  • Gun safety and use of guns
  • Membership in a community organization or group involved in gun awareness, safety, or law revision.

The chair is Don Hammond, the former chair of the Legal Game Animal Council.He is a farmer and a forest owner

The members are:

Maxine Shortland – Community and Business Leader, Farmer, now Chair of the New Zealand Public Health Association.

Rehanna Ali – A member of the Royal Investigation Commission’s reference group and a founding member of the Islamic Women’s Council in New Zealand.

Simon Mount QC – Sir Thomas Thorpe’s lawyer helping to review firearms management from 1996 to 1997.

Michael Dowling – Chairman of the Authorized Firearms Owners Council (COLFO) and Director of the New Zealand Victims Support Group Council.

Dr. Kathy Stephenson – GP, Southern Clinical Lead of Royal New Zealand College of General Practice, Senior Clinical Lecturer of Sexual Violence and Intimate Partner Violence at the University of Otago.

Debbie Wacker-Pistol New Zealand President and formerly competitive archer. Founding member of the COLFO and Firearms Community Advisory Forum.

Philippa Yasbek – Co-founder of Gun Control New Zealand.

Shayne Walker – Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Sociology, Gender and Social Work, University of Otago.

Members were selected because their knowledge, experience and background met some required subject areas and covered all areas as a group.

To ensure continuity, the appointment period will be staggered, with three people, including the chair, appointed for three years, three more for two years, and the remaining three for 18 months.

The membership agreement will officially begin on April 6, 2021, and the first meeting will be held in May.

Contact: Georgia O’Reilly, 027 338 5018

An independent group has announced advice on gun issues |

Source link An independent group has announced advice on gun issues |

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