Americans Eat More Super Processed Foods

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Friday, October 15, 2021 (HealthDay News)

Researchers warn that increased consumption of super-processed foods by Americans is endangering their health.

Super-processed foods are ready-to-eat or heated, contain additives, and contain very little or no whole food. They include frozen pizzas, sodas, fast foods, sweets, salty snacks, canned soups, and most breakfast cereals.

Previous studies have shown that eating super-processed foods obesity When Heart disease..

Researchers at New York University analyzed data from the U.S. federal government and found that the proportion of super-processed foods in American diets increased from 53.5% of calories in 2001-2002 to 57% in 2017-2018. We found that it increased and consumption of all foods decreased from 32.7. From% to 27.4% of calories, mainly due to people eating less meat and dairy products.

The largest increase in super-processed foods was ready-to-eat or hot meals, but with some sugar-rich foods. drink According to a survey released on October 14, American Journal of Clinical nutrition..

“The average US overall composition diet Shifting in a more processed direction diet..This is a concern as eating more super-processed foods is associated with the poor diet The quality is high and the risk of some chronic illnesses is high. “

“The large and increasing consumption of super-processed foods in the 21st century obesity Epidemic. “

The researcher also said COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) The pandemic may have encouraged Americans to eat low-nutrition foods with long shelf life.

“In the early days of the pandemic, people changed their buying behavior to reduce the frequency of shopping, and sales of super-processed foods such as boxed macaroni, cheese, canned soups, and snack foods increased significantly. Pandemic uncertainty. Food as a way to deal with sex. ” “We look forward to investigating dietary changes during this period as data becomes available.”

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Source: New York University, News Release, October 14, 2021

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Americans Eat More Super Processed Foods

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