Amelia Hamlin shows off a bracelet dedicated to her boyfriend Scott Disick

Scott Disick’s girlfriend Amelia Hamlin shows off a new bracelet under his name (Photo: Instagram | Getty Images)

A few days after Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend Travis Barker Revealed his tattoo on her name, Scott Disick’s girlfriend Amelia Greyhamlin showed her love, which is not so lasting.

19-year-old Beverly Hills Real House Wives Star unveiled a bracelet bearing the name of his 37-year-old boyfriend and unveiled special jewelery in his Instagram collection.

Teens are getting closer to their boyfriend with a new sparkling beaded bracelet from Aura Sugar Co, a jewelery company at Corinne Olympios, a bachelor’s degree alum.

In a video posted on Instagram Story Thursday, Amelia turned her wrist to show off her “cute lil bracelet.”

Her rainbow bracelet with “SCOTT” beads on the front was paired with a diamond cloth and a flashy interlock chain.

Amelia, the daughter of Real housewife Star Lisa Lina Harry Hamlin first connected with Scott a few months ago and was seen hanging out with his three children, Mason (11), Penelope (8) and Rain (6).

Not ready for tattoos yet (Photo: Instagram / AmeliaHamlin)

Their relationship has been criticized for the 18-year-old gap. Scott had previously had a relationship with Sofia Richie, a 15-year junior.

Recently, it was argued that the pair did not make much of a fuss about age differences, as they have so much to build bonds.

The pair went to Instagram officially earlier this year (Photo: Instagram / AmeliaHamlin)

“Despite their age differences, they have more in common than people think,” said the insider. “He thinks he is younger than himself.

“Amelia is really mature and acts older than her, so they’re doing pretty well.”

Scott had previously been dating Kourtney Kardashian for nine years, and the two shared three children together.

Both stars have transitioned to a new relationship in the last few months I’m dating a Travis Barker from Courtney, 41 and Blink 182.

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Amelia Hamlin shows off a bracelet dedicated to her boyfriend Scott Disick

Source link Amelia Hamlin shows off a bracelet dedicated to her boyfriend Scott Disick

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