Allianz shares revenue results

Insurance giant Allianz has published its latest set of financial results – and, although some key figures are lower compared to 2021, the company’s CEO Oliver Bäte sees the second quarter as having a sign of “strong” financial performance.

Here’s how the world’s insurers earned it in the three and six months ended June 30:


Q2 2022

Q2 2021

H1 2022

H1 2021

Income at work – profit & loss

€1.6 billion

€1.4 billion

€3 billion

€2.9 billion

Income – life and health

€1.1 billion

€1.3 billion

€2.3 billion

€2.5 billion

Business finance – business management

€771 million

€825 million

€1.6 billion

€1.57 billion

Business value

€3.5 billion

€3.3 billion

€6.7 billion

€6.66 billion

Profits are available to shareholders

€1.7 billion

€2.2 billion

€2.3 billion

€4.8 billion

Lifting the lid on the numbers, Allianz said: “Business revenue increased by 5.3% to €3.5 billion, driven by improved underwriting and results.” investment in the property-casualty sector. Growth was interrupted by the life / health business sector, reflecting the impact of difficult market conditions and a low profit margin in Germany and the United States.

“Lower returns from the real estate industry followed by negative market movements and conservative investor sentiment had an offsetting effect.”

However, according to Allianz, the impact of non-investment is lower than the offset in the reduction of income tax and the increase in operating income, resulting in a decrease in the company’s profitability relative to shareholders.

Bäte said: “Allianz delivered a quarter of outstanding financial performance, driven by the strong growth of our business. Our operating profit and group solvency ratio proved to be resilient against high volatility and a very weak economic environment.

“We are well-positioned to manage the impact of high inflation and the economic problems that are most visible in Europe. Allianz will continue our needs of stability and size for the benefit of our customers. sales and shareholders.

Allianz shares revenue results

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