All Whites tops Bahrain, delaying winner

After playing for almost two years, All White continues to gain strong momentum and win again against the top opponents.

The New Zealand side beat Bahrain 1-0 on Wednesday morning, betraying a 2-1 result with Curacao on Sunday.

Niko Kirwan was the man of the moment and appeared in the 89th minute for a decisive goal.

After a bit of hesitation in the Bahrain Defense Force, Kirwan made no mistake of returning home from the edge of the six-yard area, completely chosen by Liberato Cacace.

It was just a reward for the All Whites, who were looking at the better side throughout, with Bahrain coming back to life in the last 30 minutes.

This is yet another important result, another breakthrough that beats non-Oceania opponents.

Bahrain is 91st in the FIFA World Rankings (121st in New Zealand) and enjoys a huge number of matches this year.

However, they were pointed out by the All Whites team, who were highly owned, defensive, and somehow-despite oppressive situations-showing more endurance.

It was a solid effort. Like the match against Curacao, New Zealand was guilty of not changing his chances, especially in the first half.

Ahmed Bugamar and Chris Wood compete for the ball.Isae Brahim / Photo Sports

The final pass wasn’t accurate enough or the shot was off target and couldn’t reward good build-up play.

Joe Champness stood out on his debut and looked dangerous every time he received the ball in one-third of his attacks. He created some good opportunities with his dribbling skills and added a new dimension.

Liberato Cacace was also impressive, with tireless efforts on the left side, but Callum McCowatt and Joe Bell did not quit their jobs.

Danny Hay has made five changes to the team that beat Curacao 2-1 with the addition of Michael Woud, Michael Boxall, Calvin Kahlua, Elijah Just and Champness. 4-3-1-2 form for the Caribbean team.

For Karua, who spent a few minutes on Sunday, this was the first start, with Boxol taking the place of the injured Bill Tuiloma. Prior to the Tokyo Olympics, Champness made his debut by switching loyalty from Australia.

The New Zealand side wore a black armband to honor the recent death of former All White Iain Ormond, who scored nine goals in 23 appearances, including ten “A” Internationals between 1972 and 1978. bottom.

The home team has announced a whole new lineup with 11 changes from the team that beat Curacao 4-0 last week. Bahrain has played 11 times since March, including games against Jordan, Iran and Ukraine, so it denied some of their empirical benefits, but it was still formidable.

Like Sunday, New Zealand enjoyed the opening exchange. After a good probing by McCowatt, Wood burned the crossbar rebound and hit the keeper straight.

Champness demonstrated his skill in the ball at an early stage, and while suffering markers from the right side, he won one after another free kicks.

With the exception of Nando Pinaker’s header, All White couldn’t find a range from the dead ball situation. In most cases, it was easily cleared.

However, they were successfully incorporated into the game and tried to maintain ownership. This is best illustrated by one neat sequence, which went deep into the attack after a short play from a goal kick.
The All Whites were ready to raise the front trio. The midfielder needed more work, but it was a risk reward scenario.

McCowatt was released after the turnover and almost paid off in 31 minutes. An empty net was visible for a moment, but the keeper was out of position, but FC Helsingør players eventually crossed the goal after choosing to find a better angle.

I also had a few more chances. Although the goal was not achieved, the wood was well covered and often marked by two defenders.

Champness is a constant threat to dribbling, providing highlights shortly before halftime and avoiding two defenders in the area before forcing a good save.

Bahrain was mostly well contained and limited to the headers of the first half and some long-term efforts.

The homeside was more effective after the break and took part in the match as the all-whites began to stretch between the lines, although mainly limited to shots from range.

Champness tried a luxurious flick from McCowatt’s pass. It was easily suffocated by the keeper.

Bahrain was energized by a few substitutes shortly after the hourmark, with two consecutive chances after Champness almost found the net after the wood shot deviated.

Kirwan (Kahlua) and Tommie Smith (Champness) were introduced in the 73rd minute as Hay switched to the central back three.

Smith approached from the corner in the 88th minute, before Kirwan’s late, late moments.
After Wood took ownership at the edge of the penalty area, the 26-year-old remained high after the corner and was discovered by Cacace’s pinpoint long after the cross.

Some of Bahrain’s team were appealing for free kicks, but the referee looked back at the play, Cacace responded quickly, and Kirwan didn’t make a mistake.

Bahrain 0
All Whites 1 (N Kirwan 89′)

Half time: 0-0

All Whites tops Bahrain, delaying winner

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