Alicia Silverstone claims that we all mispronounce her name

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Alicia Silverstone has almost claimed that everyone has mispronounced her name for years.

We are upset.

The actress recently joined Ticktaku I thought her account was a great opportunity to share a video that would let fans know her name in the right way.

In the clip, a woman appears on the camera and says, “Tell me your name. Then tell me what people mispronounce it.”

Alicia then explains:’My names are Ali-see-yuh, Ali-see-yuh. Not Alisha “

Making her claim very clear, she added to the video caption:


Alicia informed fans about how to pronounce her name correctly (Photo: TikTok)

Only a few days after the age of 44 The iconic scene of the 90’s movie “Clueless” has been reproduced.

Alicia, who played Sher Horowitz in a teenage movie, is of her character Signature yellow plaid jacket, And with the help of her 10-year-old son Bear, he soon returned to his personality.

“Yes, get off me!” She lip-synced as she moved Bear away from her. “Hmm, it’s like!”

However, Alicia could not resist giving her son a big hug afterwards.

Alicia recently recreated an iconic scene from the 90’s movie Clueless for a TikTok account (Photo: Paramount / Getty Images).

She captioned the post:’Hmm! It’s like … I don’t participate in TikTok, “with a series of blinking emojis.

We are ready for much of her content.

Alicia starred in a clueless based on Jane Austen’s Emma, ​​along with Paul Rudd (Josh Lucas), the late Brittany Murphy (Thai Frasier), and Stacey Dash (Dionne Davenport). ..

Even now, more than 25 years after its release One of the best movies ever, And in 2018, Remake to drama series.

Casting director Marcia Ross also remembered earlier For the first time Alicia and Paul read togetherAnd how special the moment was.

Josh was originally planned to be played by another actor. Because Paul will play the role on Halloween. The curse of Michael Myers while the casting is taking place.

Fortunately, however, Paul was eventually able to join Clueless, and never returned after he read Alicia.

Marcia said Metro.co.uk July last year:’It was the first time Alicia wore plaid clothes and it was very special. As soon as they read it together, it was very obvious.

“Chemistry happened instantly and the connection was just there. They were great together. I couldn’t deny that he was the right person to play Josh.”

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Alicia Silverstone claims that we all mispronounce her name

Source link Alicia Silverstone claims that we all mispronounce her name

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