Alex Reed’s fiancée may need surgery after childbirth

Nikki and Anastasia are in the hospital (Photo: Instagram)

Alex Reed’s fiancé may require surgery for internal bleeding and blood clotting after giving birth to his first child.

Alex, 46, Nikki Manache, 36, Welcomed daughter Anastasia Pixie Reed on July 13th However, Alex revealed on Thursday that both Nikki and Anastasia were still hospitalized.

The family is now worried about whether Nikki needs surgery.

The· Celebrity Big Brother The star wrote on Instagram: ‘Just update everyone @ivf_mama_nikki is hospitalized with Anastasia Pixie and is well cared for. Tomorrow I will find out if she needs surgery for internal bleeding and blood clotting. Keep us in your mind. “

This was after Alex celebrated his 46th birthday with his fiancé and his newborn daughter on Wednesday and enjoyed “one of the happiest days of life.”

In his Instagram account, Alex shared his lovely photo of lying in bed with Tot and admitted that there is no better birthday gift than becoming a new dad.

He captioned the post:’I really don’t think I can get a better birthday gift than Anastasia Pixie Reed.

“This is the best day of my life. I’m sorry if I didn’t reply to everyone, I’m overwhelmed by my love for my little pixie.

“Daddy’s duty, sleepless nights, dirty diapers are the best !!”

He later added: “We may be hospitalized for my birthday, but everything is ok, and I have the best birthday gift of my life, the little Anastasia Pixie Reed.”

Alex and Nikki received multiple in vitro fertilization treatments to get pregnant, and after a tough miscarriage battle, revealed that they expected twins in November, and then one of the babies in December 2020. I had a sad miscarriage.

Fitness instructor Nikki announced that the couple welcomed Anastasia to the world by posting poetry on social media.

It was a long way to motherhood for Nikki (Photo: Instagram)

It read:’Welcome to the world Little Mislead I loved you from the beginning, you stole my breath and embraced my heart. Our life together is just beginning You are part of my little child.

“As a mother with children, every day I grow up, my heart has always thought of you. When you lie next to me, I dim the lights and every night,” I always I say I love you, “whisper.

“I loved you from the beginning, you stole my breath and embraced my heart. Our journey as a mother and child has just begun, my heart is my perfection forever It’s a small one.

Alex has another child, daughter Dolly. He was with former partner Chantelle Houghton, a star of Celebrity Big Brother.

A reality show star also easily married Katie Price, who was associated with a former glamor model in February 2010, split in less than a year, and divorced in March 2012.

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Alex Reed's fiancée may need surgery after childbirth

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