Alabama’s population will shrink for the first time at the expense of Covid.Alabama

Alabama is shrinking under the onslaught of Covid-19, Said the Chief Medical Officer, Because the number of deaths in the state exceeds the number of births for the first time.

Busy Dr. Scott Harris told reporters in Montgomery on Friday: More dead than birth.

“Our state has literally shrunk in 2020, based on the numbers we managed to put together, and in fact quite a few.”

Harris said Alabama In 2020, 64,714 tentative deaths were recorded, compared to 57,641 births.

“We have data that dates back to the first decade of the 20th century, more than 100 years ago, but it has never happened and is not as close as it has ever been. World War II, 1918. In the flu pandemic of the year, or World War I, there was no time for deaths to exceed births until the last year.

“If we continue at the same speed we are seeing now, it is certainly possible this year.”

according to At Johns Hopkins University, 13,210 people died in Covid-19, Alabama. The death toll in the United States is over 673,000, a slight shortage. Official quote US deaths in the 1918 pandemic.

The vaccination rate is gain Companies and public institutions have introduced obligations, Strengthen outreach However, resistance to shots and other public health measures remains strong. In Republican-controlled states, Alabama in it.

Infectious delta variants continue to contribute to a large number of cases. The majority of hospitalizations and deaths in the United States are among unvaccinated people.

Currently, more than 1.9 million Alabama people are fully vaccinated, accounting for more than 50% of the eligible population, according to Harris.

However, he states: “Most days continue to report double-digit deaths … the last few days [we have had] Usually 40, 50, and sometimes 60 people die each day. “

He said seven pregnant women in Alabama had died from Covid-19, adding that “in fact, on average, about 23 pregnant women have been hospitalized in Covid in the past week.”

“It’s certainly a good thing to see the total number of hospitalizations declining a bit,” Harris said in Alabama.

However, he states: “There are still more patients in need of critical care than critical care beds … no patients available [intensive care] Alabama bed.

“And it’s a really difficult problem for people with non-Covid illnesses, or those who have a stroke, heart attack, or car accident today. Where can I get critical care when needed?” It will be very difficult to understand. “

Harris added: “There are two ways people can leave the hospital with great respect and compassion, one of which is not very good.”

Alabama’s population will shrink for the first time at the expense of Covid.Alabama

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