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“Where that is not feasible, the MIA would support a timely transition to higher vehicle exhaust emission standards, which would play a minor role in improving air quality.”

The study found that 3,300 people died each year as a result of air pollution, mostly from cars.

That meant that as a whole, 10 percent of people who died in the country each year died from air pollution, Radio New Zealand says in an analysis.

Exposure also sent more than 13,000 people to hospital for respiratory and heart disease and gave the same number of children asthma.

The social costs of these health effects have been estimated at $15.6 billion.

The MIA says a transition needs to be managed so it doesn’t adversely affect the supply of many new cars, including some low-emission models.

“Moving from Euro 5 to Euro 6 emission standards for new petrol vehicles does not improve air quality results.

“While there has been an improvement in air quality from the transition from Euro 5 to Euro 6 for new diesel vehicles, more than 60 percent of new light vehicles sold have petrol engines,” Stockdale says.

The report was an update of a report published in 2012, but measured vehicle pollution data for the first time. It cites that nitrogen dioxide emissions here come almost exclusively from the combustion of gasoline and diesel.

Previously, nationally measured air pollution was largely attributed to fine pollutants – from house fires, car brakes and industry.

Since 2016, the fleet has grown by almost a million vehicles, from about 720 vehicles per 1000 people in 2012 to more than 800 per 1000 today. The current national parking lot is estimated to be over 4.4 million vehicles.

“Over 1.2 million used vehicles have been imported over the past decade, only having to meet an equivalent Euro 4 emissions standard compared to Euro 5 for new cars,” said Stockdale.

“As opposed to the transition from Euro 5 to 6, there is an improvement in air quality by moving from Euro 4 to 5, so it would make sense to update the emissions standards to Euro 5 or equivalent for used imports,” he said. Stockdale.

“In 2021 there was a 94 percent increase in the number of new vehicles sold with some form of electrification, totaling more than 25,000.

“The MIA believes that continuing to prioritize the introduction of new electric and hybrid vehicles will provide the greatest gains in reducing harmful emissions from transportation,” Stockdale said.

Air pollution report mentioning cars has new support for auto industry – Motoringnz

Source link Air pollution report mentioning cars has new support for auto industry – Motoringnz

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